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GU Infections

Genitourinary Infections Facts

What are lower tract infections? Urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis
What are the upper tract infections? Pyelonephritis, renal and perinephric abscesses
What is the difference between complicated and uncomplicated UTI? Uncomplicated - intact voiding mechanisms, most often females. Complicated - both sexes with functional/structural disease.
What are the different pathways to infection? 1)Ascending infection, 2)blood borne, 3)unresolved foci (prostate, kidney calculi), 4)fistulous communication (Crohns)
What mechanisms deter bacterial growth? 1)Flushing and diluting of urine, 2)normal vaginal flora 3)actibacterial properties of uroepithelium 4)acidiity, osmolality, prostatic secretions, urinary mucoproteins, IgA
What are teh risk groups of UTI? 1-3month boys, school age girls >> boys, young women>>men
What are the risk factors for UTI? 1)Gender 2)Sex 3)Spermicide/diaphragm 4)Obstruction 5)Vesicoureteral reflux 6)Genetic factors 7)Anal sex, no circumscisian 8) Age 9)Immunocompromised
What are some of the etiologies of uncomplicated UTIs? E coli, GnBs (Proteus, Klebs, Enterobacter), Staph Saprophyticus
What are teh etiologies of uncomplicated UTIs? GNBs, Psudomonas, Serratia, Enterococcus
What are the clinical manifestations of cystitis? Effecting women, dysuria, frequency, urgency, incontinence, lack of fever, suprapubic tenderness, hematuria
What are the clinical manifestations of pyelonephritis? Fever, flank tenderness, rigors, nausea, vomitting
What are 30-35% of nosocomial infections? UTIs. Through catheters
What are the ways to diagnose UTIs? Catch urine during midstream. Urine/blood culture, microscopic hematuria
When should you treat asymptomatic bacteriuria? Preganncy or about to undergo operation
What are the 2 routes of infection for renal and perinephric abscess? Obstruction and Hematogenous. Don't forget you'd want to do a CT/
What is salpingitis? Infection of endometrium falloian tubes. Develop infertility. Ectopic pregnancy.
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