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Fevers Facts

Fevers facts WCMC Lecture

What is the febrile response? Physiologic rxn to disease involving 1) cytokine response 2) Acute Phase Reactants 3) Activation of numerous systems - physiologic - Endocrine - Immunologic
Name some endogenous pyrogens IL1, TNF, IL6, IFN gamma, gp 130, Ciliary Neutropic factors, IL 11
Name some exogenic pyogens Microbial cell products, microbial toxins, drugs, pyogenic factors, complement, Antigen-antibody complexes
Mechanisms of thermal regulation? Body heat production, loss of body heat, Blood ciculation
What is the difference between fever and hyperthermia? 1) Fever is when set point is increased because of cytokines, 2)Hyperthermia is when set point fine but mechanism of thermoregulation is overwhelmed
What are some of the responses to fever? Metabolic changes, Nutritional consequences, altered hepatocyte fxn
What are the benefits/harms of fever? benefits - Antimicrobial, Immunologic defense harms - Febrile convulsions, encephalitis, catabolism, delerium,
What kind of fever pattern does malaria show? Intermittent/spiking, Quitodian Teritian
What kind of fever pattern is ratbite/lymphoma? Relapsing/Periodic
Do you get rashes with fever? Yes, Macules and papules, vesciles and bullae, Petechiae and purpura
Name the common etiologies of FUO? Lymphoma/Leukemia, solid tumors, Biliary tract disease, TB, Endocarditis, Abdominal abscesses, No diagnosis
Created by: villagejoker