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Vaccines facts

Vaccines lecture facts WCMC

What is active immunizaiton Induction of immune system through giving a modfied organism
What is passive immunization Administration of a preformed antibody to a non-immune person
What are vaccines named after? Cows
Why is smallpox vaccine dangerous and affective? Live organism used to stimulate immune system
How are toxins made? They are made from bacterial toxins, bacterial capsules, viral surface proteins. They can be whole and inactived or live but attentuated.
Name some examples of attenuated vaccines? MMR, Varicella, Rotavirus, Influenza, Oral Polio
What are the advantages of live attenuated? 1)Closest to natural pathogen 2) Can provide long lasting immunity
What are the disadvantages of whole inactivated? 1) Can cause mild disease 2) Can't give to immunocompromised
Name some examples of whole organism? Hep A, Influenza, Polio
What are the advantages of whole inactivated? 1) Yes immunocompromised 2) No danger of disease
What are the disadvantages of whole inactivated? 1) many doses 2) Immuno may not make response
What are component vaccines? Take out part of organism that causes disease
What is a toxoid? Give an example Produce toxin eg. DTAP
What are encapsulated bacteria? Examples? H. Influenza B, Pneumococcus (PCV7, PDV), Meningococcus (MPV4, MCV4)
What are recombinant vaccines? Name some examples. They are like encapsulated bacteria but with viruses. Hep B, HPV
What are the advantages and disadvantages of component vaccines? Do not cause disease. However cannot be used on immunocompromised.
Why are so many vaccines given 1st 6 months? 1) Children Immunonologically immature, can't make antibody response to encapsulated bacteria until 2-3 years. Increase risk of infection from bacteria 2) These guys secrete IgM at large quantities 3) Protect against diseases they are vulnerable to
Why give Hep B to newborns? Affective to stop baby getting ti from mom. Can stop cancer
Why give Rotavirus vaccine B/c Rotavirus has high mortality (60%)
What are some problems of DPT? Seizures, encephalopathy, SIDS
Is a pretussis booster given? Yes, in teenage kids
How do you immunize kids w/ encapsulated bacteria/ Conjugate capsule w/ immunogenic protein
What ist he vaccine that is used for meningitis? What does it cover? MCV4, Covers serotypes A, C, Y and W-135. Not serotype B which is 30% of cases.
What is used now IPV or OPV? IPV
Varivax was given in USA or Japan? Japan
What is the recommendation to receive Hep A vaccine 12 months
What are teh 2 vaccines for influenza? Inactivated vaccine, cold adapted live attentuated vacine
When should vaccines not be given? 1) Moderately ill 2) Hypersentivity 3) Fever seizures or encephalitis after previous vaccine 4) Immunocompromised 5) Pregnant
There are some misconceptions about when should vaccines be given. What are they? Antibiotics, recoverred from illness, Fam hx seizures, Recently exposed to ID, Someone in house is pregnant
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