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World History

Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen The 'declaration of independence' for France
Natural Rights Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.
National Assembly Was once the 3rd estate, changed to the National Assembly under the Tennis Court oath
Louis XVI The King of France during from 1774 - 1792
Marie Antoinette The Queen of France from 1774 - 1792
Emigres A group outside the french government that wanted to undo the Revolution
Sans-cullottes Radicals: Think revolution wasn't enough
September Massacre People storm into prisons killing priests, clergy's, and supporters of the 1st ans 2nd estates.
National Convention Remove all the kings power and make France a Republic
Jacobins Radical Political organization
Jean Paul Marat Leader of the Jacobins
Maximilien Robespierre Leader of France during the Reign of Terror - Was a dictator
Napoleon Commander of the French armies; Ruled France from 1804 to 1814
Liberals Wanted to share power with the conservatives
Conservatives Want to reverse the impact of the revolution
Waterloo Napoleons last battle that he lost to the British and the Prussians
Klemens von Metternich Austrian Minister who wanted to prevent future french aggression, restore balance of power, and restore European royal families
Holy Alliance Based their relations with European nations only
Concert of Europe A series of alliances devised by Metternich
5 great powers Russia, Prussia, Austria. France, and Great Britain
Hundred Days Napoleons last hundred days of his reign
Congress of Vienna Series of meetings of European powers to ensure the security and stability of a new European order after Napoleons defeat
Plebiscite Vote of the poeple
Estate One of three social classes in France in the late 1700's
Legislative Assembly Gave people the right to make laws, but the king enforced them
The Directory A 5 person board that ruled France and became very corrupt
Continental System Napoleons blockade of Europe's ports
Peninsular War The war between France and Spain in the early 1800's
The Scorched-Earth Policy The Russain practice of burning fields and slaughtering livestock to prevent invading troops from having access to them
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