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Global m/c Oct 2016

Enlightenment, Fr Revolution and Napoleon

Separation of powers 3 branches of government to act as checks and balances (Montesquieu)
Divine Right monarch (king) gets their power from God
A goal of Mercantilism export (sell) more than you import (buy)
Mercantilism and taxes (tariffs) Tax imports (from other countries) so consumers won't want to buy them.
Adam Smith free market (no taxes), laissez-faire (no gov't interferences) and an economy controlled by supply and demand.
Diderot Compiled (put together) information to create an encyclopedia.
Philosophes Enlightened thinkers who believed that more knowledge would improve society
Causes of French Revolution Poor economy, a monarch (king) who wasn't responsive, inequality between the estates (social classes)
Tennis Court Oath Members of the 3rd Estate started the "National Assembly" and promised to stay together until a new constitution was written.
Constitution of 1791 limited the powers of the king (limited monarchy)
When did France become a republic? (no monarch) When King Louis XVI was executed.
Committee of Public Safety Robespierre formed this to "get rid" of anyone who was against the revolution. (There was nothing SAFE about it!)
King Louis XVI's feelings toward the 3rd Estate BEFORE Revolution Didn't care and took advantage of them (taxed them)
Napoleon's rise to power A military hero
Fall of the Bastille First time many people (public) showed they wanted a revolution to change the gov't
Reign of Terror Robiespierre jailed or killed many people that he thought were against the revolution
Where did Radicals, Moderates and Conservatives sit in the Legislative Assembly Radicals - LEFT Moderates - MIDDLE Conservatives - RIGHT
Locke All people have natural rights
Montesquieu 3 separate branches of gov't to check each other
Hobbes People are selfish and need an absolute monarch to rule them
Rousseau The gov't power should come from the will (majority) of the people.
Created by: trenz