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Global 9 - Beginning Civilizations and Early Man

What lines of measurement are used to determine global location? Latitude and Longitude
Why were earliest humans forced to scavenge for food? Early man was slower and weaker than most animals.
What invention allowed humans to become predators? Man learned how to make tools to use for hunting.
What were the roles of men and women in hunter-gatherer societies? The men hunted animals and the women gathered nuts, berries, roots, and grains.
What evidence do we have that early man believed in an afterife? They buried their dead with weapons and tools.
Name 4 common features of civilizations. 1 – cities 2 - well-organized governments 3 - complex religions 4 - job specialization 5 - social classes 6 - arts and architecture 7 - public works 8 - writing
Near what natural resource did almost all early civilizations begin? Water
What early public works project was important to farming and required an organized government to be successful? Irrigation (bringing water to the fields)
What does this statement mean: “Most ancient people were polytheistic.” They believed in many gods.
What is it called when ideas, customs, and technologies spread from one culture to another? Cultural Diffusion
What events forced early humans to adopt a nomadic lifestyle? Following Food Environmental Changes Natural Disasters
What allowed man to eventually discard the nomadic lifestyle and take up permanent residence in some places? Neolithic Revolution/Farming
Created by: JTC111