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PCS Global 9B

Vocabulary 2016 #4

empire a group of once separate areas ruled by a single person or government
geographic feature naturally occurring land form, body of water, or or ecosystem
unify to bring together as a single unit
government the group of people that has power to make laws ad important decisions for a community, state, or nation
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family or group
achievement an outstanding thing done successfully typically by effort, courage, or skill
wealth a lot of valuable possessions or money
collapse to break down, or become weak
invade to enter like an enemy
belief system a set of ideas and practices that help explain the origins of life, what happens after people die, and how to live a good life (note: all religions are belief systems, but not all belief systems are religions)
trade the act of exchanging something for something else
power the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or what happens
Created by: Ms.Sala