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Test: 10/6/16

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? Britain
What does imperialism mean? Imperialism is a policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or country/nation.
How did the desire for self-efficiency cause imperialism? It industrialized countries and took over other countries so that they can sell their products and get new materials.
How did the need for new markets cause imperialism? Industrialization made machinery. This led to the need for products to be made faster.
How did the investing of the surplus capitol cause imperialism? Building factories in other countries led to more money being invested.
How did outlets for population contribute to imperialism? People began to migrate/move to other cities/countries.
How did nationalism contribute to imperialism? Nationalists wanted to expand their countries and show that they are the "best" nation by proving it with a booming and stable economy.
How did missionary work contribute to imperialism? Imperialism is about God and religion. Hospitals and other facilities are justifying the work of imperialists.
How did "White man's burden" contribute to imperialism? The white colonists wanted to transform other communities into European society.
Why was Africa called the "Dark Continent"? People knew little about the land itself.
Why did it take so long for Europeans to colonize Africa? Give examples. It took a long time for Europeans to colonize Africa because of the living conditions. Examples: sickness, animals died (cattle), crops didn't grow.
Which African countries remained independent? Liberia and Ethiopia.
Why was the Berlin Conference held? It was held to avoid conflict over Africa.
Who fought in the Boer War? The British and the Boers.
What were the positive and negative impacts of imperialism on native Africans? Positive:Europeans established a "firm" hold on the tip of Africa. Negative: Entering an alien and unexplored land
What was the importance of the Suez Canal? Gave the British a shortcut for trade from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.
Which European countries gained control of Muslim North Africa, South Africa, and the Congo?
Created by: lizzybrandes