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Ch5: Greece

Athens Golden Age began and ended with: Began with the victory over the Persians and ended with the defeaet by sparts
Occupation of a typical Athenian citizen? Excersise political duties
Why did Athenian citizens have so much free time? They were outnumbered by slaves
Why is Athens the 'school of hellas' Athens taught all of Greece by their example
Platos' ideal republic: the arts would be banned
Arostotles 'good life': balancing action between extremes of behavior
Aristotle believed you could come to know universal truth by: obverving the material world itself
Catharsis Audience feels what the actor/producers are trying to portray. Instigates change in the audience
Contraposto idea of balance and weight shifts in sculptures
Golden Mean The middle groupnd between two extremes of behavior
Panathenaic procession A parade in Athens every four years to celebrate athena
Classical faces No expression, balanced and clean of emotion
Archaic smile Archaic statues had an upturned mouth
Polykleitos Model for the perfect man in the classical time period
Pergamon A city
Hellinistic art More expression, drama, and emotion. Exploration with different themes, and subjects of the pieces (foreigners, children, old people, etc.)
Praxiteles Scupture. Created a more dreamy profile in his statues. Hellinistic art.
Socratic method (also known as?) Dialectic method: process of teaching using questions
metaphysics The study of things you can't physically see. Thought, philosophy, etc.
allegory Story that works by itself, but also can have different meanings
Name Aristotles 6 parts of tragedy PCSTMS. Plot, Character, Speech, Thought, Melody, Spectacle
Deus Ex Machina God from the machine. Makes a spectacle out of the Gods. Euripides used this.
Tragedy You have a basic problem at the beginning, and everything gets worse until it falls apart
Name 3 things Euripides did that was unusual Focus on women/foreigners/outsiders etc. Bends of changes the myth First speaker is low status (Added more people?) (Chalanging innovator)
Name a work of Sophocles Oedipus the King
Name the trilogy from Aeschylus Oresteia: Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, Eumenides
Stoa Rows of columns with a roof attached
Collinade Row of long columns
Egyptian Hypostyle hall Lots of columns everywhere.
Agora Open place used for congregating
How was the Parthenon temple unique (Note: it was a doric building) Different proportions (8x17 rather than the typical 6x13 for doric buildings) It has a frieze (unique to ionic buildings) More elaborate statues than was typical of the time
Caryatids Columns that look like women
The acropolis The 'City on the heights'. A fortified part of an ancient greek city. Political, religious, and cultural site
Propylea/Propylaia Entrance gate to the acropolis
Perfect proportion for temples # columns along the front x 2 + 1
Flute Grooves in the column
Frieze Continuous band of decorations on the ionic order
Naos Central room in the temples where the cult statue is
Doric Masculine, short, fat, wider base
Ionic Feminine, had a frieze
Corinthian Feminine, young woman, has fancier decorations on top (the leafs)
Oligarchy A small group of people having control of a country, organization, etc.
Metics Resident aliens. People who came from abroad such as potters and artists, and philosophers
Sophism Asking "how do we know what we think we know" Argument used to decieve
inductive reasoning Going from specific instances to general principles. Or going from particular truths to universal ones
symposium a drinking party for men
Syllogism Two facts from which a conclusion can be drawn. Ex. I am human, all humans die; I will die
chryselephantine Overlayed with gold or ivory
Centauromachy Fight between humans and centaurs. The centaurs look scary and demonized
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