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SS Qtr 1

SS Qtr 1 History of the Hawaiian Kingdom Ahupua`a-Mahele

Name of the Hawaiian demi-god that "pulled the islands" from the sea Maui
What was given to the Hawaiian demi-god to "pull the islands" from the sea? A magical hook
Name of the Hawaiian goddess responsible for volcanoes and their eruptions Pele
What are the 4 contributing factors that shape islands? wind, rain, surf, and currents
Most active volcano on Earth is... Kilauea
Science tells us that the Hawaiian islands were created by a Hot spot, formed under the ocean beneath the Earth's crust. The hot spot remains STATIONARY, the oceanic plate above drifts west-northwest at a rate of 3 and 1/2 inches per year over the last 40 million years.
Where was Kamehameha born on a stormy probable November night in 1758? Kokoiki, Kohala
Kahu mean guardian or attendant
What was the name of Kamehameha's kahu who rescued him at birth and helped raised him? Nae`ole
What was the name of Kamehameha's uncle and chief who raised him after his father died at age 12? Kalani`opu`u
Where was Kamehameha raised with his uncle after his father died? Ka`u
Who was the greatest warrior at the time that trained Kamehameha that which he needed to know to be a great warrior? Kekuhaupi`o
Kamehameha's uncle created a will in Waipi`o in 1810. What did he leave for his sons (names) and nephew? Oldest son, Kiwala`o, new king Youngest son, Keoua, lands Nephew, Kamehameha, war god and heiau
Name of battle fought in Ke`ei Kona, Kiwala`o died, Kamehameha received his cloak and Hawai`i island split into 3 chiefdoms Battle of Moku`ohai
Name of war god given to Kamehameha by his uncle Kuka`ilimoku
Name of heiau built in Kawaihae as suggested by a kahuna, priest, for the war god help Kamehameha conquer the Hawaiian islands Pu`ukohola heiau
Name of the chief who was sacrificed at Pu`ukohola heiau, after he was sacrificed Kamehameha controlled all of Hawai`i island Keoua
Kamehameha's favorite wife Ka`ahumanu
Kamehameha's sacred wife. Mother to Liholiho, Kauikeaouli and Nahi`ena`ena Keopuolani
2 Englishmen who stopped at the islands to trade for supplies and rest. They also brought foreign weapons and helped Kamehameha in battles. In return they received wives, lands and title of chiefs John Young and Isaac Davis
Englishman who visited the islands and brought gifts of cattle, sheep, goats, geese, orange and almond trees and a variety of garden seeds. He also advised Kamehameha. Promoted peace among warring chiefs. Captain George Vancouver
Name of battle fought between Kamehameha and Kalanikupule on O`ahu. Foreign weapons and military strategies were used to surround Kamehameha's opponents and force them over a cliff. Kamehameha controlled all islands except Kauai and Ni`ihau Battle of Nu`uanu
4 ways in which Kamehameha organized his government Place a governor on each island Created laws to protect chiefs and commoners Encouraged people to raise food Chose craftsmen to make needed items
Name of the law Kamehameha made that protected the weak from the strong, when he discovered that he attacked some innocent fishermen Law of the Splintered Paddle or Mamalahoa Kanawai
Name of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau chief who met in 1810 and placed his islands under Kamehameha's control, which gave Kamehameha control of all Hawaiian Islands Kaumuali`i
Ahupua`a is a Hawaiian land division from mountain to sea
3 sections of an ahupua`a uka (mountains), kula (plains), kai (ocean and the lands nearby)
`auwai constructed ditches, diverted water to fields where taro, banana, breadfruit, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and yams grew
loko i`a Hawaiian built fishpond
Unique species of animals that moved from ocean upstream into the kula (plains) and uka ( mountains) fishes, shrimp, shellfish
Size of an ahupua`a depended upon the amount of resources available in that area
Name of the English explorer that took 3 trips to Hawai`i. The Hawaiians thought he was the god Lono and arrived during the peaceful time of Makahiki in Hawai`i.. He was killed in a fight, during war time after trying to take king hostage Captain James Cook
Refit restock and repair
long skirt, Hawaiian women wore to protect their dresses, Pa`u
lei style made by twisting lei hilo
lei style made by winding materials to secure backing lei wili
lei style made by stringing flowers using needle and thread through the center of a flower lei kui pololei
group of people who arrived in the islands from Boston, MA with the intention of bringing Christianity to the Hawaiians Missionaries
this group taught Hawaiians how to read and write. Created a written Hawaiian language Missionaries
this group hunted for whales and brought diseases and behaved badly Whalers
Mahele land division
Kuleana Act of 1850 allowed Hawaiians to buy land in fee simple
Resident Alien Act of 1850 allowed foreigners to buy land in Hawai`i in fee simple
fee simple land that is owned and maybe passed on to someone's heirs or sold
adverse possession law land that is not occupied or lived on for 10 or more years, someone is allowed to claim the land
kuleana land term for land that is lived on cultivated or cared for
How much percent the maka`ainana, commoners, received at the end of the Mahele? less than 1%
Lands for the king Crown Lands
Lands for the chiefs Konohiki Lands
Lands the king give a portion of his lands to the chiefs and people of his kingdom Government lands
Created by: MrsJM