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S.S.-Chp.1 - Sec.3

What and where is Jericho? One of the oldest known communities found in the Middle East at around 8000 B.C., between what is now Israel and Jordan.
Who are the Assyrians? Founders of Assyria, an empire in Mesopotamia at the north near the Tigris River.
Who are the Neolithic People? People who were alive during the New Stone Age, which took place in 8000 B.C. to about 4000 B.C.
What are artifacts? Weapons, tools, or other items made by humans.
Who is Nebuchadnezzar? The king of the Chaldean Empire.
What is a mud brick? Hard, waterproof bricks made of river mud, used to build buildings.
Who are the Gilgamesh People? A hero king from an ancient story called The Epic Of Gilgamesh.
Who is Hittites? People who lived northwest of Assyria, and they developed a new way of making iron stronger.
Who are the Paleolithic People? People who lived during the Old Stone Age, which lasted from 2.5 million years ago up to about 8000 B.C., and then the Neolithic People came to be.
What are fossils? The trace or a preserved life form, usually buried underground.
What is irrigation? A way of watering the crops, mainly made for farmers.
Who are nomads? People who regularly move from place to place.
What and where is Babylon? A City built near the Euphrates River, which quickly became a center of trade, and was also powerful to Mesopotamia.
What is a caravan? A group of traveling merchants and animals.
Who are artisans? A skilled crafts-person.
What are scribes? Record keepers.
What is domestication? To tame plants and animals for humane usage.
What is the Sumerian writing system? Cuneiform.
What are Sumerian social classes? The Sumerian society rankings based on your personality. Ranks people from poor to rich and powerful.
What is the climate and geography of Mesopotamia? Flat plain surrounded with the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
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