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Weimar Republic 1919

History GCSE/Ormerod/ early challenges to the Weimar Republic 1919-23 #2

ThreatWho?Why?What?Why did it fail?
The Spartacist Rising 1919 - Who? Communist group set up by Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht.
The Spartacist Rising 1919 - Why? They did not trust the new government. They wanted a revolution. They thought that the lives of working people would be improved.
The Spartacist Rising 1919 - What? Tried to turn protests throughout Germany into a revolution. Took over government's newspaper & telegraph headquarters. Army ordered to stop uprising.
The Spartacist Rising 1919 - Why did it fail? Badly planned. No support. Rosa Luxemburg captured and shot. Karl Liebknecht murdered. Spartacists struggled without main leaders.
The Red Rising in the Ruhr 1920 - Who? Group of workers led by the Communist Party.
The Red Rising in the Ruhr 1920 - Why? Workers angry about bad pay and bad conditions.
The Red Rising in the Ruhr 1920 - What? 50,000 workers occupied the Ruhr industrial region of Germany and took control of its raw materials. German army crushed the uprising - over 1000 workers killed.
The Red Rising in the Ruhr 1920 - Why did it fail? Weak leadership. No clear plans. Not enough support.
The Kapp Putsch 1920 - Who? Freikorps units, led by Wolfgang Kapp.
The Kapp Putsch 1920 - Why? The Government ordered that the Freikorps be disbanded as they were no longer needed.
The Kapp Putsch 1920 - What? 12,000 Freikorps marched to Berlin. Government forced to flee. Freikorps put forward Kapp as a new leader of Germany.
The Kapp Putsch 1920 - Why did it fail? Failed to win support. Workers in Berlin went on strike to protest against the Putsch. Kapp forced to flee Berlin so impossible for him to rule.
The Munich Putsch 1923 - Who? The Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler.
The Munich Putsch 1923 - Why? The Nazi Party and Hitler believed that democracy led to a weak government. They thought that there should be one political party with one leader.
The Munich Putsch 1923 - What? The Nazis planned to take over government and set up General Ludendorff as the leader of Germany. Kahr (leader of Bavaria) was speaking at a beer hall in Munich. Hitler & 600 SA burst in and forced Kahr to support their plan.
The Munich Putsch 1923 - Why did it fail? Kahr allowed to leave the beer nhall - he withdrew his support next day. German government responded quickly to crush revolt. Leaders of the Putsch arrested & 14 Nazis killed. Hitler sent to prison.
Created by: lesleycollins