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WWI Brain Pop Notes

Study these notes from Brain Pop to help learn about WWI

technology Examples of new military____________________ during WWI are: airplanes, submarines, machine guns, heavy artillery, and poison gas
casualties killed or injured soldiers
nine ________________ million soldiers dies in WWI
wounded 23 million soldiers were ___________ during WWI
Ferdinand Archduke Franz _______________________ was assassinated
month 1 ________________ after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated,Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
Serbia Austria-Hungary declared war on ________________
tension there was _______________ in Europe, before WWI, over land and power competitions
European when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, other _______________countries started choosing sides
alliance agreement between 2 or more countries to help each other out
Allied in the beginning of WWI , the __________________ Powers were: Serbia, France, Belgium, Russia, and Great Britain
Central in the beginning of WWI , the __________________ Powers were: Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.
France most of the fighting during WWI took place in Belgium and ______________
German the ___________________ Army did most of the work for the Central Powers
Trench _________ warfare was a big part of WWI, the men were fighting in trenches
Somme in 1916 the Battle of _________ lasted months and 300,000 soldiers died
Wilson President Woodrow ______________________ tried to keep the U.S. out of war.
Conflict President Wilson and other Americans saw WWI as a European ______________ and wanted nothing to do with it.
Lusitania in 1915, a German submarine sank a passenger ship, The ________________, and 128 American civilians died.
Zimmerman in 1917 the ________________________ Telegram was discovered. It was Germany asking Mexico to join the war and in return Germany would help Mexico take a bunch of Southwestern states back from the U.S.
Russia in 1917, ______________________ pulled out of war and made the Allied Forces desperate for help
Allies the U.S. entered the side of the _____________ in April, 1917
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