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Weimar Republic 1918

History GCSE/Ormerod/Origins of the Weimar Republic 1918-19 #3

Economic impact of WW1 National income was about 1/3 of what it had been in 1913.
Economic impact of WW1 Industrial production was about 2/3 of what it had been in 1913.
Economic impact of WW1 War left 600,000 widows and 2 million children without fathers - by 1925 the state was spending about 1/3 of its budget in war pensions.
Economic impact of WW1 There were huge gaps between the living standards of the rich and the poor.
Economic impact of WW1 Germany was virtually bankrupt.
Psychological impact of WW1 Many German workers were bitter at the restrictions placed on their earnings during the war whilst the factory owners made vast fortunes from the war.
Psychological impact of WW1 During the war many women were called up to work in factories. Many people saw this as damaging to traditional family values.
Political impact of WW1 The stresses of war led to a revolution in October - November 1918.
Political impact of WW1 Germany became an unstable democratic republic.
What does the term economic impact mean? Relates to money and wealth.
What does the term psychological impact mean? Relates to how people think and feel.
What does the term political impact mean? Relates to government, how the country is run and its relationship with other countries.
Political impact of WW1 Many ex-soldiers and civilians despised the new democratic leaders and came to believe that the heroic leader Field Marshall Hindenburg had been betrayed by weak politicians.
Created by: MasonF