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WH: Chapter 6

Muslim Empires

Janissary a soldier in the elite guard of the Ottoman Turks
successor one who follows, especially one who takes over a throne, title, estate, or office
gunpowder empire an empire formed by outside conquerors who unified the regions that they conquered through their mastery of firearms
sultan "holder of power"; the military and political head of state under the Seljuk Turks and the Ottomans
domain place where one has absolute ownership of land or other property
harem "sacred place;" the private domain of an Ottoman sultan where he and his wives resided
grand vizier the Ottoman sultans chief minister who carried the main burdens of the state and who led the council meetings
pasha an appointed official of the Ottoman Empire who collected taxes, maintained law and order, and was directly responsible to the sultans court
ulema a group of religious advisers to the Ottoman sultan; this group administered the legal system and schools for educating Muslims
shah king (used in Persia and Iran)
administrator one who manages the affairs of a government or a busniess
conform to adhere to rules or standards; to fit in
orthodox traditional beliefs, especially in religion
anarchy political disorder; lawlessness
intelligent having a high degree of understanding and mental capacity
zamindar a local official in Mogul India who received a plot of farmland for temporary use in return for collecting taxes for the central government
authority power; person in command
principle a fundamental law or idea; when said of people (e.g., someone is highly principled), it means a devotion to high codes or rules of conduct
suttee the Hindu custom of cremating a widow on her husbands funeral pyre