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7th SS - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Canada

What is potash? A mineral used to make fertilizer
What is pulp? Softened wood fibers
What is newsprint? Cheap paper used mainly for newspapers
The St. Lawrence River links the Great Lakes to what ocean? Atlantic Ocean
Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts are among the world's richest ___________ areas. Fishing
What is Canada's most valuable natural resource? Minerals
The first Europeans to settle in Canada were probably who? Vikings
Which European country was the first to settle in areas that is now Canada? France
After the American Revolution, which group of people migrated north to Canada? The Loyalists (people who wanted to remain loyal to Canada)
What is a dominion? A territory or area of influence
Who are the Metis? People of mixed European and native ancestry
What type of government does Canada have? A federation
How many provinces does Canada have? 10 provinces
Who leads Canada's central government? The Prime Minister
Who leads Canada's provincial governments? (provinces) Premiers
What is Canada's largest city? Toronto
What are the two languages spoken throughout Canada? English and French
What is regionalism? Refers to the strong connection that people feel toward their region
What are the 3 Maritime Provinces? New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
What does Maritime mean? "On or near the sea"
In which provinces do more than half of all Canadians live? Quebec and Ontario (Heartland Provinces)
Who are the Inuit people? Eskimos
What is the Canadian Shield? Rocky uplands that border Hudson Bay
What are the Prairie Provinces? Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
What is the Canadian North? Covers more than a third of Canada's land surface
What are the Great Lakes? Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario
What is the climate like in most of northern and central Canada? Subartic
What are the 4 areas/regions of Canada? Maritime Provinces, Western Provinces, the Heartland, and Canadian North
What is Canada's westernmost province? British Columbia
What kind of climate does the far southwest part of Canada have? Marine west coast
Many people in Quebec and the western provinces are focused on what? Regionalism
Immigrants to Canada have improved what? The Canadian economy
Created by: MissMisiak