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World History 2&3

Define City-State A City Surrounded By Smaller Villages
Define Military Having To Do With The Army
Define Cuneiform The Writing Invented By Sumerians
Define Translate To Change The Words Of One Language Into Those Of Another
Define Reign The Rule; The Period Of Time A King Or Queen Rules
Define Fertile Crescent The Area In The Middle East Shaped Like A Quarter Moon(Crescent) Where One Of The Earliest Civilizations Developed
Define Famine A Time When Crops Do Not Grow And There Is No Food
Why Did People Settle The Lands Between The Tigris And Euphrates? People Settled Lands Between Tigris And Euphrates Were 2 Rivers And The Floods Made Land Good For Farming.
What Were Some Of The Sumerians Inventions? Some Sumerians Inventions Were A Writing System Called Cuneiform, 1st To Use Wheel On Carts, Counting System Based On Number 60, And Sail Boat.
What Were Some Of The Contributions Of The Phoenicians? Some Contributions Of Phoenicians Built City-States In Canaan. Built City Of Carthage In North Africa. Made Maps Of Sea. Developed 22-Letter Alphabet.
Who Was Abraham? What Is He Known For? Abraham Was Hebrews 1st Great Leader. Known For Leading Them Out Of Mesopotamia, Probably Between 2000 And 1500 B.C.
What Are The Names Of The 5 Seas In The Kingdom Of Mesopotamia? 5 Seas In Kingdom Of Mesopotamia Is Black Sea, Red Sea, Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, And Arabian Sea.
Where Did The Phoenician Sailors Travel? Phoenician Sailors Traveled To
Where Did The Hebrews Come From? Hebrews Came From Mesopotamia.
What Was The Hebrews Covenant? Hebrews Covenant Was To Honor Yahweh's Commandments And Worship Him Alone. In Return, God Promised To Protect The Jews.
What Are 4 Countries That Reside In The Fertile Crescent Presently? Countries Presently Reside In The Fertile Crescent India, Jordan, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan.
Define Empire A Large Area Of Land Ruled By One Person
Define Dominate To Control
Define Artisan A Person Who Works With His Or Her Hands To Create Something
Define Capital The City From Which A Ruler, Or Emperor, Rules
Define Rebel To Disobey Or Fight Against
Define Astronomer A Person Who Keeps Track Of The Sun, The Planets, And The Stars
Why Did People Fear The Assyrians? People Feared The Assyrians Because Soldiers Had Iron Weapons.
How Did King Ashurbanipal Help Historians? King Ashurbanipal Helped Historians By Building A Library.
Who Was Zoroaster? Zoroaster Was A Religious Leader Made Good And Evil.
Created by: JayEDM