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Q1W6 Vocab

Vocab for W6 - World War I

alliance an agreement made between two or more countries to give each other help if it is needed
anti-Semitism discrimination and hostility towards Jews
armistice an end of fighting
entente a friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions
imperialism when one country takes over new lands or countries and makes them subject to their rule
isolationism a governmental policy to stay neutral in times of war; this often means refraining from doing business with any other country
militarism extreme growth and development of a country's military; the army and military forces are given a high profile by the government
reconnaissance military observation of a region to locate an enemy
reparations the compensation for war damage paid by a defeated state
trench warfare system of fighting used during WWI, in which opposing sides dug elaborate trenches used to protect soldiers and weapons from incoming bullets and bombs
Created by: sean.siegert