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Persia and Greece

World History Test

TermsDefinition or Questions
Persia Empire from the Mesopotamia( Modern day Iran region)
Darius and Cyrus two kings, built the powerful Persian empire
Zoroastrianism Religion struggle between to gods( good god and evil god)
Zoroastrianism Idea Heaven and hell introduced
Zoroastrianism Influence Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Persia Government The Kings were tolerant of the culture that they conquered
Persia Allowed to keep their language and religion
Persia Showed respect to other culture
Satrapy 20 provinces created by Darius
Satraps The local governors were known as satraps
Satraps known as The eyes and ears of the kings
Persian Trade Build an extensive network of roads to allow for better trade, communication, and tax collection
River Valley After what era, a number of classical civilizations developed in the Mediterranean and in Asia
Classical Why type of civilization developed in the Mediterranean and in Asia
Art, Science and Technology Classic culture created high levels of achievement in what areas?
Future ages Classic cultures created high levels of achievement and impacted who?
Greece The first major classical civilization was ancient
their culture by fishing, trading, water transportation, strong navy have a reason to move around the water. What is the impact of being surrounded by water (geography) have to ancient Greece?
their culture natural barriers for Protections, Scattered cities (harder to rule) island make them sailors. What is the impact of having a lot of mountains and Islands.
natural resources and Location What does Greece lack on the Mediterranean Sea encouraged Greek to trade with Neighboring societies ?
Pottery, wine, Olive Oil What type of things did Greek export to trade with Neighboring societies ?
grain, ,metal, stone What type of things were imported by Greek with neighboring societies
Mountains covered about 75% of Greece which divided the people and made it impossible to unify.
Mountains separate the cities Why did the mountains make it impossible to unify Greece?
Polis The Greek developed independent city - states
Language Greek shared the same
Writing Was influenced by the Phoenician alphabet and became the basis for Latin
Polytheistic Greeks religion is called
The Gods were immortal but had human qualities Greek religion beliefs were?
Mythology Religion became the basis for Greek?
Agora (downtown) Most Greek city- states has an area that was the center for trade and government.
Acropolis (uptown) City-States had an a temple on a hill dedicated to a sacred God.
Governed The Greek Polis were different in how they were ____________ despite having similar language and religion
Monochary Some Polis had a 1 person government ruled by a King
Aristocracy Some Polis had a small group a government ruled by a elite nobles?
Nobles Wealthy, Powerful
Democracy Some Polis like Athens had a direct; a government ruled by citizens who vote on decision.
Aligarchy Some Polish like Sparta had an government ruled by small group of citizens
Athens and Sparta What two city- states represent the differences among the polls.
Wealth and Culture What two areas does the Athenian society are focused on
Vote Athens had a direct democracy in which both rich and poor citizens could exercise democracy and hold public office by doing what?
Parthenon Architects build this to honor the goddess Athena
Realistic What type of sculptures did the Athens artist create?
Theater Athens expressed both comedies and tragedies through
Socrates Philosopher such as Plato, Aristotle, ___________ questioned assumptions and the user of logic to find answers to questions
Military strength What did the Spartan society focus on instead of freedom and learning?
60 years old How old could the Spartan men serve in the military?
7 years old How old di the Spartan Man start serving in the military?
Persian Wars When did Spartan show their strength?
Sparta and Athens What two city-states completed for influence in Greece and developed a strong rivalry?
Sparta Who won the war between that weakens the Greeks, so they could easily be taken over eventually
Peloponnesian The competition between Sparta and Athens eventually lead to what War?
10,000 Immortals Their Persia Empire elite military unit was known as the
Mesopotamia, Egypt and parts of India The Persian Empire conquered
Persia Currency Used coins with standardized values to promote trade.
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