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Chapter 10 Islam

Islam Test

Who was the voice that came to Muhammad? An angel named Gabriel.
In 613 what did Muhammad start doing? Muhammad started to preach publicly in Mecca.
What is the Hijah? The hijah was when Muhammad's followers were attacked
What did Muhammad decide to do in 622 after the Hijah? Muhammad decided to leave Mecca
What is the one of the main beliefs in the Islam Practice? Belief in one God
What is Fasting for the Islam Belief? It is when Muslims do not eat or drink for a month
Who did the Muslim community elect as the next successor when Muhammad died? They elected Abu-Bakr a loyal friend to Muhammad
When the next successor Uthman died what happened? It created a civil war between various groups fighting for power
Who was the successor after that? and who was he challenged by? Ali was the next successor and he was challenged by
What two groups did the Muslims split into? Sunni and Shi'a
What Family then later came into power? The Umayyads
The Umayyad were over powered by a group named The Abbasids
What was the leading city before Baghdad? Damascus
What did the second class of the Islam Religion consist of? People who converted into the Islam Religion
The third class of the Islam Religion protected who? The Christians and the Jews
Who do the women have to listen to? The Men
Which group of women did the Muslin women have more then? European, Indian, and Chinese Women
What do the husband have to say if they wanted to divorce there wife? I dismiss thee
Who did the rulers want treating their ills? Qualified Physicians
What is the teaching of Allah? The belief in one God and you have to abandoned the others.
What Monument is located in Jerusalem? The Dome of Rock
What is the Alms? Muhammad taught that all Muslims have a responsibility to support the less fortunate. Muslims meet that social responsibility by giving alms, or money for the poor, through a special religious tax.
What is the Pilgrimage? All Muslims who are physically and financially able perform the hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once. Pilgrims wear identical garments so that all stand as equals before.
Why is the Dome of Rock special? It is the earliest surviving Islamic Monument. The rock was where Muhammad ascended from Heaven.
How many times a day would the Muslims pray? Five times a day
Created by: KSosa