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Chapter 10 Islam

Test on Islam

How is Judaism, Christianity and Islam related? They are all "people of the book"
How was Muhammad's childhood difficult? His parents died at a young age so his uncle and grandfather took care of him. He was basically an orphan.
What is the birthplace of Islam? Mecca and Medina
What rights did women have? They had specific rights according to the Shari'a
What makes you considered upper class in the Muslim beliefs? If you were born a Muslim
What is the Second class? Muslims who converted
What type of people make up the Third class? "protected people"
What people make up the lowest social class? Slaves that were often prisoners from wars
What must you believe in order to be a Muslim? There is only one God Allah
What type of believe system are Muslims? Monotheism
What is the holy day? Friday
What is Ramadan? When you fast from sunrise to sunset
What is a mosque? A Muslim place of worship
What is there concept of a Messiah? A Messiah has not come but will during the holy month to bring peace
What is there language? They speak and write in Arabic
What is a Hijra? When Muhammad left Mecca in 622 and migrated to Yathrib
How must Muslims pray? 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca
What are the Muslims Alms? Taxes and charity to the poor. The purpose is to give back your community.
What is the Muslim way of life? You must follow the Five Pillars
What is the holy book that Muslims must follow? The Qur'an
Who are the religious authorities? There is no official but they have a Iman and Muezzin
What are the beliefs in after life? They believe in paradise and hell.
What two oceans made sea travel possible? The Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
What freedoms did conquered people have? They had the right to there own believes
Who was the caliph "first successor" or "deputy"? Muhammad loyal friend Abu-Bakr
How old was Muhammad when his mother died? His mother died when he was 6
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