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MA Intro

Week 3 Review

iac pertaining to
abdomen/o abdomen
epi above, beyond
hypo low, below
inguin/o groin
stern/o sternum
pelv/o pelvis
pleur/o pleura
dors/o back
stasis controlling,stopping
ism condition
cyt/o cell
hist/o tissue
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
gastr/o stomach
ana up,apart,away
hem/o blood
dis apart, to separate
mal bad
ology study of
path/o disease
cardi/o heart
dermat/o skin
hemat/o blood
nat/o birth
an no, not, without
stomy new opening
tripsy crushing
tomy incision
graphy recording
tome to cut
metry process of measuring
esthesi/o nervous sensation
LLQ left lower quadrant
RUQ right upper quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
RLQ right lower quadrant
prn as needed
NKDA no known drug allergies
D/C discontinue
@ at
STAT immediately
NKA no known allergies
List the three routes of injections intradermal, intramuscular, subcutaneous
List three planes of the body sagittal, coronal, transverse
Downward away from the head Inferior
Away from an organ efferent
Toward the mid line Medial
The opposite side contralateral
Away from the surface deep
Farther away from the point of attachment distal
Toward an organ afferent
On the same side ipsilateral
Toward the back posterior/dorsal
On the bottom of the foot Plantar
At what angle is a subcutaneous injection given 45 degrees
At what angle is an intradermal injection given 10-15
At what angle is an intramuscular injection given 90
At what angle is a venipuncture performed 15-30
List the four vital signs Blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temp
Which artery is the most communally used for taking a pulse radial
What is the normal range for a pulse in an adult 60-100
What is the normal range for a blood pressure in an adult 120/80-140-90
What is the normal range for respiration's in an adult 12-20/16-20
Created by: bethk0712
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