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Bible Unit 2

the story of the canon rule or standard
the creeds are built on the foundation of the canon
canon Authoritative measure used for comparison and determining divergence
The development of the Christian canon involves several interactive elements: -Hebrew scriptures -Testimony of Jesus’ career (Gospels) -Apostolic teaching -“rule of faith” -The creeds then extrapolate the most important elements of each into a list of beliefs.
"rule of faith" the condensed narrative of God’s work used to test the authority of individual religious texts
4 condensed Marks of Authority -Apostolicity -Orthodoxy -Antiquity  -Catholicity
Apostolicity Was it written by an apostle?
Orthodoxy Did it conform to the rule of faith?
Antiquity Could it be dated to the apostolic age?
Catholicity Was it generally accepted in the worship and instruction of the majority of churches?
the Apocrypha group of writings that were included in the Septuagint (= The translation of the Hebrew Scripture into Greek) and are still included in the canon of certain Christian groups.Notable text and 1-2 Maccabees, Tobit, Wisdom of Solomon
Pseudopigrapha a group of writings. These Jewish writings were claimed to be written by various prophets and famous OT writers but can be dated to roughly 200 years before Jesus.
Targums The Jews also used paraphrases of the Hebrew text called called what that functioned as commentary and free translations of the text (think the message bible).
Catholics accepted what the apocryphal writings
protestants reject what reject everything outside of the 66 books b/c they fail the 4 marks of authority listed on the previous slide.
why do our churches need creeds -Brevity with density! -Creeds remind us that we are a part of a lager story of God’s work in the world -They unite us with Christians form every generation - despite secondary differences.
use the creeds for? -Public worship: professing belief out loud with Christians -Promoting unity with other Christians - reminder of our individual identity as members of God’s family -demand personal devotion. You cannot say the creed without “I believe.”
So what is the deal with authority? -debate over the role of authority and tradition -This debate largely is divided among 4 groups: Catholics, Pentecostals, Theologically Liberal churches and conservative Protestants. -EXPLODES (What are the different sources of truth?)
John Wesley’s Quadrilateral -Tradition -Scripture -Reason -Experience
tradition religious information that has been handed down to us from various sources.
reason information that comes through the human minds capacity for logical, rational and analytic thought.
experience information that comes through direct encounter, participation, or observation
emotions Information that comes through subjectively experienced psychological feelings
General revelation Revelation about God given through the created order (Ps. 19:1-6: Rom. 1:18-20; 2:14-15).
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