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HLHS 101 Ch4

Musculoskeletal System SOAP Terms

costalgia rib pain
metatarsalgia pain in the bones of the foot
ostalgia bone pain
ostealgia bone pain
osteodynia bone pain
spondylodynia vertebra pain
tibialgia tibia (shin) pain
ankylosis joint stiffness
arthralgia joint pain
arthrodynia joint pain
cervicodynia neck pain
crepitation a cracking sound heard in joints
genu valgum knock-kneed
genu varum bow-legged
bradykinesia slow movement
dyskinesia inability to control movement
dystaxia poor coordination
dystonia poor muscle tone
graphospasm writer's cramp
hyperkinesia increase in muscle movement or activity
hypertonia increased muscle tone or tightness
hypokinesia decrease in muscle movement or activity
hypotonia decrease in tone or tightness
myalgia muscle pain
myasthenia muscle weakness
myodynia muscle pain
myospasm muscle spasm
tenalgia tendon pain
arthocentesis puncture of a joint
arthrogram visual record of a joint
arthrography procedure used to examine a joint
arthroscope instrument for looking into a joint
computed axial tomography (CAT/CT) imaging procedure using a computer to produce cross sections along an axis
electromyogram a record of the electric activity of a muscle
electromyography procedure for measuring the electrical activity of a muscle
myography procedure for studying mucles
osterometry procedure for measuring bone
kyphosis humped back or abnormal forward curvature of the upper spine
lordosis sway back or abnormal forward curvature of the lower spine
scoliosis crooked back or abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
carpitis wrist inflamation
craniomalacia softening of the skull
exostosis an abnormal growth of bone out of another bone
fracture a bone break
osteodystrophy poor bone development
osteolysis bone loss
osteonecrosis death of bone
osteosclerosis abnormal hardening of bone
polyydactyly having more than the normal number of fingers or toes
spondylitis vertebra inflammation
spondylomalacia softening of the vertebra
syndactyly fusion (or webbing) of fingers or toes
tarsoptosis flat feet
bursolith a stone in the bursa
effusion fluid build-up
hemathrosis blood in a joint
hydrarthrosis water (fluid) in a joint
pyarthrosis pus in a joint
atrophy underdevelopment, decrease, or loss of muscle tissue
hypertrophy overdevelopment of muscle tissue
myocele hernia of muscle tissue
myolysis loss of muscle tissue
myomalacia softening of a muscle
myosclerosis hardening of a muscle
myotasis stretching of a muscle
myotonia muscle tone
ankylosing spondylitis a stiffening inflammation of the vertebrae
chondro-osteodystrophy poor development of bones and cartilage
craniosynostosis the premature fusing of skull bones
dactylitis finger inflammation
hypertrophic spondylitis overdevelopment of the vertebrae causing inflammation
osteitis bone inflammation
osteocarcinoma bone cancer tumor
osteochondritis inflammation of bone and cartilage
osteochondroma a tumor made up of bone ad cartilage, also known as an exostosis made up of cartilage
osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) a disease in which the bones do not develop correctly
osteomalagia softening of the bone
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
osteopathy bone disease
osteopenia reduction in bone volume
osteoporosis loss of bone density
osteosarcoma cancerous tumor arising out of bone cells
spinal stenosis abnormal narrowing of the spine
spondyloarthropathy joint disease of the vertebrae
spondylolisthesis the slipping or dislocation of a vertebra
spondylolysis loss of vertebra structure
spondylosis vertebra condition
arthritis joint inflammation
rheumatoid arthritis inflammation of the joints (called rheumatoid because its symptoms resemble those of rheumatic fever)
septic arthritis inflammation of the joint caused by infection
osteoarthritis inflammation of the joints, specifically those that bear weight
arthocele hernia of a joint
arthrodysplasia abnormal joint development
arthropathy joint disease
arthrosclerosis hardening of the joints
bursitis inflammation of the bursa
bursopathy disease of the bursa
subluxation partial dislocation of a joint
achondroplasia a defect in the formation of cartilage
chondroma a tumor-like growth of cartilage tissue
chondromalacia abnormal softening of the cartilage
costochondritits inflammation of the rib cartilage
fascitis inflammation of the fascia
muscular dystrophy disorder characterized by poor muscle development
myoclonus violent muscle contraction
myopathy muscle disease
myasthenia muscle weakness
myfascitis inflammation of the muscle and fasica
myoma a muscle tumor
myosarcaroma a cancerous muscle tumor
myositis muscle inflammation
necrotizing faciitis inflammation of the fascia causing the death of tissue
polymyositis inflammation of multiple muscles
tardive dyskinesia condition characterized by the loss of muscle control
tendinitis / tendonitis tendon imflammation
analgesic a drug that relieves pain
antiarthritic a drug that opposes joint inflammation
anti-inflammatory a drug that opposes inflammation
antipyrectic a drug that opposes fever
carpectomy removal of all or part of the wrist
costectomy removal of a rib
craniectomy removal of a portion of the skull
craniotomy removal of a portion of the skull
external fixation the fixation of a fractured bone from the outside
internal fixation the fixation of a fractured bone from the insude
closed reduction returning bones to their proper position without the use of surgery
open reduction returning bones to their proper position through the use of surgery
metacarpectomy removal of bone in the hand
orthotics a device that aids in the straightening or stabilizing of a part of the body
ostectomy removal of bone
osteectomy removal of bone
osteoclasia the surgical breaking of a bone (done to remedy a deformity)
osteoplasty reconstruction of a bone
osteotomy incision into a bone
prosthesis a device that is added to a body to replace a missing part or lost function
spondylosyndesis fusing together of multiple verrtebrae
sternotomy incision into the sternum
tarsectomy removal of all or a portion of the ankle
tarsoclasia surgical fracture of the ankle
arthrectomy removal of a joint
arthroclasia the therapeutic breaking of a joint to allow for increase mobility
arthodesis surgical fixation of a joint
arthrolysis loosening a stiff joint
arthoplasty reconstruction of a joint
arthrotomy incision into a joint
bursectomy removal of a bursa
bursotomy incision into a bursa
chondrectomy removal of carilage
chondroplasty reconstruction of cartilage
fasciectomy removal of fascia
fasciodesis binding of fascia
fascioplasty reconstruction of the fascia
fasciorrhaphy suturing of fascia
fasciotomy incision into fascia
myectomy removal of muscle
myodesis binding of muscle
myomectomy removal of a muscle tumor
myoplasty muscle reconstruction
myorrhaphy muscle suture
myotomy incision into muscle
tendectomy removal of a tendon
tendoplasty reconstruction of a tendon
tenodisis binding of tendon
tenolysis freeing or loosening a tendon
tenonectomy removal of a tendon
tenoplasty reconstruction of a tendon
tenorrhaphy suture of a tendon
tenotomy incision into a tendon
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