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Ch. 2-Lesson 1-4

Ch. 2-Lesson 1-4

Known as the Fertile Crescent, this place is also known as the land between the two rivers, what is it called? Mesopotamia
The people of Mesopotamia were known as what people? The Sumerians
How many seasons does Mesopotamia have? two
What are the names of the two season in Mesopotamia? Dry season & rainy season (monsoon season)
What was the solution that the early people of Mesopotamia were able to stop the flooding in Mesopotamia? by digging trenches and ditches to make the water go another way
What are the names of the two rivers in Mesopotamia? Tigris River & Euphrates River
What is a place in Mesopotamia that forms its own government and traditions called. city-state
In what area were the Sumerians located in Mesopotamia? the south
In what area were the Akkadians located in Mesopotamia? the north
What was the barrier the separated the Sumerians and the Akkadians? both spoke different languages
War was between the Sumerians and Akkadians for land and what other resource in the land? water
About how many people were the population in a city-state? about 50,000 people
What were the largest and impressive structures in the city that Sumerian people would to worship there "gods" called? ziggurats
What is known as the worship of "many gods" in a society? polytheism
What did both, Sumerians and Akkadians, place most value in their societies? religion
The Sumerians believed that the kings were chosen by who? the gods
The Sumerian kings after they had served as king would later pass their authority to who? their first born son
What was the wedge-shaped writings that was recorded by a professional writer in Sumerian societies? cuneiform
Who were the Sumerian professional writers that learn how to write in cuneiform for business in government or are in the serves of the king? scribes
Who was the Akkadian ruler that conquered and united all city-states in Mesopotamia under his rule to create the first empire? Sargon
After Sargon's rule, this Sumerian king created the Empire of Babylon and established his rule of law, who was he? Hammurabi
What was the name of Hammurabi's law of the region? The code of Hammurabi
How many laws were the in the Code of Hammurabi? 282 laws
The Code of Hammurabi was to protect who in his kingdom? the people with little political power
When Babylonia stretched in power and wealth, who became the king of Babylon in 605 B.C.? Nebuchadnezzar II
What was one project that Nebuchadnezzar II had done for his wife so that she would not be home-sick from her homeland? He had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built for her
What were two great achievements that the Babylonians did for the people? mathematics and astronomy
Where King Nebuchadnezzar died, which nation conquered Babylon into its kingdom by forced? Persia
Who led the Persian armies to conquer Babylonia? Cyrus II or Cyrus the Great
Who were traders throughout the world and established trade in the Mediterranean Sea? The Phoenicians
What did the Phoenicians first created the world? The Modern Alphabet
What method did the Phoenicians’ traded without the use of money? Barter system
What did the Lydians’ created that we still used today? Coin money
What are goods or services that are sold within a country that is produced by another country? Import
What are goods or services that are sold outside a country that produced it? Export
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