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Zoraster Persian prophet that taught in good and evil
Royal Road road in the Persian Empire that was 1650 miles long and held the empire together
King Cyrus the Great first conquering king of the Persian Empire
Untouchables the lowest people in India that were not even allowed to be part of the Caste System
Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism, one's duty in behaving lawfully, truthfully, and virtuously
Siddhartha Gautama founder of Buddhism
Nirvana in Buddhism, a state of enlightenment in which a person is free from passion, desire, and suffering
Four Noble Truths basic principles of Buddhist religion
Great Wall 1500 mile wall in Northern China built to keep invaders out
Silk Road route stretching from Pacific coast of China to the Mediterranean Sea, where silk and other items were traded
Mandarin government worker of Imperial China
filial piety a principle in ethics of Confucius that required children to respect their parents
Taoism (Daosim) Chinese religion and philosophy based on ideas of Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu Chinese philosopher and mystic; founder of Taosim (Daoism)
Yin/Yang in Chinese philosophy and art, yin is the female element (dark, cold) and yang is the male element (light, heat)
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