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S.S. Test #1

Civilization A society that has a highly developed culture and Technology
Primary sector Taking raw material from soil or water
Raw material Unfinished or natural materials such as minerals oil or coal used to make finished products
Tectonic plate A section of Earth's crust that floats on Earth's mantle
Plateau A plane that is high above sea level and usually has a cliff on all sides
Autumn Equinox Where the night and day are the same this year it is September 22nd
Habitat preservation Try to keep habitats from being destroyed
Hinduism/Sikhism commonalities Both believe the soul is Reborn
Moving air mass A large area of air that has the same temperature and humidity
Small scale map Shows a large area but doesn't have many details
Prime meridian The line of 0 degrees longitude that runs from the north to south pole and it runs through Greenwich England
Human environment interaction Explains how people affect the environment and how the environment affects us
Dot Density Map Uses dots to show how something is distributed in a country or region
Geographic pattern A similarity among places
Global positioning system GPS Used to find absolute location
Mercator Projection Good for navigation, shows much of the Earth accurately. Map is mostly Square
Global Perspective vs. Regional perspective Global perspective is what affects the whole world, Regional perspective effects closer to home
Proportional symbol map Uses different size symbols to show the size of an event
Earth's hemispheres Divides the earth in half northern eastern southern and western hemisphere
Latitude Lines An imaginary line around the earth that runs east to west
Longitude Lines An imaginary line that runs from the north to south pole
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