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CLCV Exam 1

Paleolithic (dates and describe 3 things) 100,000-12.500 BC; human burials, acquisition of fire, language, hand tools, belief in GG emerges, cave paintings at Lascaux
Mesolithic (dates and describe 3 things) 12,500 - 8500 BC; improved hunting/fishing, smaller tools, bone/antler jewlery
Neolithic (dates and describe 5 innovations and 2 places) 8500-3000 BC.; agriculture, domestication of animals, towns, pottery, wheels; Jericho (stone fortifications and skull worship) Catalhoyuk (bull shrines, fresco paintings)
Bronze Age 3000-1200 BC
Early Bronze Age 3000-2000 BC
Middle Bronze Age 2000-1600 BC
Late Bronze Age 1600-1200 BC
Iron Age/Dark Age/Proto Geometric 1200-900 BC
Geometric 900-700 BC
Development of Agriculture (date) 10,000 BC
Domestication of Goats (date) 8500 BC
Walls of Jericho (date) 7800 BC
Ceramic Pottery(date) 6500 BC
Invention of the Wheel (date) 4500 BC
Invention of Writing (date) 3000 BC
House of Tiles destroyed (date) + significance 2250 BC; new greeks invaded pre greeks
Battle of Qadesh (date) + significance 1285 BC; Egyptians vs Hittities, no one won bc both sides exhausted
Trojan War (date) + who fought who 1265 BC; greeks vs Trojans
Collapse of Bronze Age (date) 1200 BC
Alphabet appears in Greece (date) 735 BC
Hesiod writes Theogony (date) 700 BC
Name the cultures under early bronze age Sumerians, Egyptians, Clycladic islanders, Lerna (early Helladic Greeks)
Name the cultures under middle bronze age Babylonians, Minoans,
Name the cultures under the Late Bronze Age Indoeuropeans(Hittites, Mycenaeans or Late Helladic Greeks), Semites (Ugaritians, Phoenicians, Hebrews)
Name the culture under the Iron/ Dark age Assyrians
Name the 2 famous poets of the Geometric period Hesiod, Homer
Name all the Semitic cultures Babylonians, Phoenicians, Ugaritarians, Hebrews, Assyrians
Name all the Indo European cultures Greeks, Romans, Hittites, Teutonic(germanic groups)
Name the miscellaneous groups Jericho, Catalhoyuk, Sumerian, Egyptians, Minoan, Sea People
Homo Erectus 2 million to 200,000 BC
Neanderthal 200,000-45,000 BC,
Homo Sapiens 50,000 BC - present
Name the important titans Oceanus, Kronos(Saturn), Rhea, Themis, Tethys, Mnemosyne
Name the 3 Moirai Clotho (spins thread) Lachesis (chooses length) atropos (cuts thread)
Name the 4 important offspring of Night Discord (eris), Hesperides, Fates (Moirai), Nemesis
What do the hesperides do /where are they located guard sacred garen, tree, serpent,Eden, located at Mt Atlas (far west)
who are the 2 important daughters of Discord? Lethe (forgetfullness) Ate (folly)
Who is nemesis goddess of vengeance
who are the nerieids sea nymp offspring of Nereus
who are the oceanids 300 offspring of Ocean + tethys
who is ceto and phorcys brother and sister offspring of Pontus+Gaia who create the sea monsters
who is iris messenger goddess and rainboww
who is ladon snake goddess in garden of Hesperides
Name the celestial gods Helios (sun) selene (moon, eos (dawn) boreas (north wind) and zephyr (west wind)
Who is Nike? who are her parents goddess of victory, daughter of pallas and Styx
Who are power and force? offspring of Pallas and Styx
What is mt dikte cave where Zeus grew up and got strong
Titanomachy means? battle of titans (zeus, 100 handeds, cyclopes power, force, styx) vs kronos
What is omphalos? where is it located stone that Rhea feeds Kronos pretending its Zeus. Delphi @ mt parnassus (womb of the world)
Who is ishtar? Sumerian Great Goddess
who is shamash? Sumerian sun god
Who is Ba'al? Chief Phoenician celestial god
Who is tiamat? Babylonian saltwater goddess
Who is Anu? babylonian Sky god
Who is Marduk? Chief babylonian divinity
Who is Teshub? zeus of the hitttites
What is genesis old testament, creation story
what is enuma elish? babylonian creation myth
What is kumarbi myth? Hittite creation myth
Who is George smith? person who published enuma elish
Who is Sir James J Frazer? british anthropologist, father of modern anthropology
Created by: mhaq.16



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