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World History

Test Review

When Emperors had the right to rule- heaven and chose rulers? Mandate of Heaven
When the Sequence of rulers from the same family or group? Dynastic Cycle
When they have a large political Unit or state, under a single leader and controls Many people or territory? Empire
When you have India determines person's occupation and economic potential and their position in society. Caste System
The route between Roman Empire and China (Silk was China's most valuable product) Silk Road
How does an empire become a "Classical Civilization"? It developed many things our culture still uses (Languages, technology, government, trade)
What are some of the achievements and innovations of the GUPTA empires? Golden Age of Indian culture, trade:Cloth, Salt, iron, luxury, pilgrims (religious travel) MAURYAN
What are some of the achievements and innovations of the MAURYAN empires? Hospitals for welfare/Buddhist missionaries major trade network
What are some of the achievement and innovations of the HAN Dynasty? New Technology: textile manufacturing, watermills, grinding grain, iron casting- steel paper; Confucian classic - dynastic histories
What is the importance of the Himalayas to India and China? Along their border (border conflict)
Describe the influence of Asoka on India? Turned Buddhism into a state religion -encouraged Buddhism
What are some common characteristics of empires? Easy to create, but difficult to maintain a ruler, organizes and runs a city, makes decisions
Why are the Olmecs so important in history of Mesoamerica? Culturual diffusion spread of ideas from 1 society to another silk road occurred because of trade
Which Empire was in power during India's "Golden Age"? Gupta - rulers owned silver and gold mines and vast lands lived in Luxury
What are some of the basics of Confucianism? Philosophy was political and ethical Dao (way): duty and humanity government should be open to anyone
How does an empire become a "Classical" Civilization? Roman Empire: 1) started as a monarchy (king), 2) a republic was formed as more people were assimilated into the empire (vote for representatives to make decisions), 3) Empire (rulers called Caesar),Caesars make all the decisions for the people
How are they connected in Hinduism Both are linked to the Hinduism belief in a reincarnation cycle of birth, death and rebirth known as samsara.
What is the Civil Service Exam? are examinations implemented in various countries for recruitment and admission to the civil service. They are intended as a method to achieve an effective, rational public administration on a merit system.
How does it relate to the system of government during the Han Dynasty the system became the major path to office only in the mid-Tang dynasty, and remained so until its abolition in 1905. Since the exams were based on knowledge of the classics and literary style.
Created by: spotsville2