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Greek History Test

History Review

What type of society was Greece during the “Old Stone Age”? They were hunter gathers.
Why did Greek cities begin to build stone walls? It was to protect all of their belongings.
Who were the Dorian’s? Who were the Ionians? The Dorian’s invaded Greece. The Ionians fled from Greece.
What metal allowed the Greeks to stop making tools and weapons with stone? Bronze.
What is an oligarchy? An oligarchy is when a small group of rich men called Aristocrats, who are the leaders.
What is a monarchy? A monarchy is a form of government / a king or monarch.
What is a democracy? A democracy is a form of government that gives power to the people.
What major idea did the Greeks pick up from the Phoenicians? The alphabet.
The Greek aristocrats who had power over the people and the other aristocrats and became leader was known as the… Tyrant.
Cleisthenes came up with an important political system that changed how Athens was run. It was known as… Democracy.
The Persian King who first attacked Greece was... Xerxes.
This Macedonian King took over the Greek cities that had been weakened by the Peloponnesian War… King Philip.
The Greeks created an event called ___________ that brought the best athletes of the time together to honor the gods with a display of athleticism. Olympic Games
Which of the following groups could vote in Athens? Male Citizens
King Philip’s son (who was tutored by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle) conquered lands as far away as India. He died at 33 years old. Who was he? Alexander
How were the members of the Council of 500 selected? The men were chosen by a lottery.
In Plato’s book _________ he discusses definitions of justice, the ideal city and the Allegory of the Cave. It is thought by many to be his most important book. The Republic
Plato’s teacher was Socrates
Which of the following is one of the “four excellences” talked about by Socrates? Wisdom
According to Socrates, who should rule his perfect city? Philosopher-King.
According to Plato, did Socrates like the idea of democracy? According to Plato, Socrates thought that democracy was a joke.
Created by: sarah_moe