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Medical Terminology

Exam 1

-algia pain
-asthenia weakness
-cele protrusion, hernia
-dynia pain
-cytosis too many cells
-ectasis dilated
-edema swelling
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood condition
-ia state, condition
-iasis abnormal condition
-ism state of, condition
-itis inflammation
-lith stone
-lysis destruction
-lytic destruction
-malacia abnormal softening
-megaly enlargement, large
-oma tumor
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease
-penia too few
-phobia fear
-plegia paralysis
-ptosis drooping
-rrhage bursting forth
-rrhagia abnormal flow
-rrhea discharge, flow
-rrhexis rupture
-sclerosis hardened condition
-spasm abnormal muscle contraction
-stasis stopping
-stenosis narrowing
-toxic poison
-uria condition of urine
-clasia surgical breaking
-desis surgical fusing
-ectomy surgical removal
-ostomy surgically creating an opening
-otomy cutting into
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical repair
-rraphy suture
-tome instrument to cut
-tripsy crushing
-centesis puncture to withdraw fluid
-gram record or picture
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-manometer pressure measuring instrument
-meter measuring instrument
-metry process of measuring
-scope instrument for viewing
-scopy process of visually examining
-cle small
-cyesis pregnancy
-cyte cell
-derma skin condition
-dipsia thirst
-esthesia feeling, sensation
-gen that which produces
-genesis produces, generates
-genic producing
-globin protein
-globulin protein
-gravida pregnancy
-kinesia movement
-oid resembling
-ole small
-opia vision
-opsy view of
-osmia sense of smell
-oxia oxygen
-para to bear offspring
-partum birth, labor
-pepsia digestion
-phagia eating, swallowing
-phasia speech
-phil attracted to
-phonia voice
-plasm formation, development
-pnea breathing
-poiesis formation
-porosis porous
-ptysis spitting up, coughing up
-therapy treatment
-thorax chest
-trophic development
-trophy nourishment, development
-ule small
-er one who
-iatric medical specialty
-iatrist physician
-iatry treatment, medicine
-ician specialist
-ist specialist
-logist one who studies
-logy study of
-plasia formation of cells
a- without
an- without
anti- against
brady- slow
de- without
dys- painful, difficult
pachy- thick
tachy- fast
ante- in front of
endo- within, inner
epi- above, open
ex- outward
extra- outside of
hypo- below
infra- below, under
inter- between
intra- inside, within
para- alongside, near
peri- around, near
retro- backward, behind
sub- beneath, under
supra- above
trans- across, through
bi- two
di- two
hemi- half
hyper- excessive
hypo- insufficient
micro- small
mono- one
multi- many
nulli- none
pan- all
poly- many
primi- first
quadri- four
tri- three
ultra- excess
uni- one
auto- self
eu- normal, good
hetero- different
homo- same
per- through
abdomin/o abdomen
anter/o front
brachi/o arm
caud/o tail
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck
chondr/o cartilage
crani/o skull
cubit/o elbow
dist/o farthest
dors/o back
femor/o femur
gastr/o stomach
genit/o genitals
glute/o buttocks
inter/o below
inguin/o groin
Sagittal Plane Top to bottom, splits left and right halves
Frontal Plane Top to bottom horizontally, splits front and back halves
Transverse Plane Flatly horizontal, splits top and bottom halves
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