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endocrine system

drugs outline

Hormones made up mostly proteins eg: insulin, some hormones are steroids eg: cortisol
proteins digested in the stomach
why are some hormones not taken orally orally they will be ineffective, other routes of administration are required eg: nasal spray, injection
anti-diuretic hormone hyposecretion of ADH uses: which drug used & ROA desmopressin-DDAVP-nasal spray, TU: diabetes insipidus
what drug is used for fertility and MOA: clomiphene-clomid, serophene MOA:increases output of FSH & LH by the pituitary
what are some other suitable routes of administration nasal spray or injection
what drug is used for treatment of endometriosis= danazol-cyclomen AE: virilism eg: deep voice, facial hair
what drug prohibits lactation or milk production? what else drug used for? bromocriptine-Parlodel used to treat wear off symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Thyroid gland iodine is required for T3&T4 production
thyroid gland/hyposecretions Name 2 drugs used for hypothyroidism are they interchangeable Levothyroxine-Eltroxin & levothyroxine-synthroidNB:synthroid & Eltroxin are not interchangeable
Name a drug used for hyperthyroidism while awaiting surgery? Propylthiouracil-Propyl-thyracil
Corticosteroids are derived from lipids, needs monitoring because natural hormones won't be produced, delayed healing, thinning bone and skin should be decreasing doses, gradually wearing off, should be used short term and supportive only.
fill in the blank ? The pituitary produces the hormone ACTH which stimulates the ADRENAL glands to produce these hormones
Name 3 corticosteroids by their duration of action first short action hydrocortisone-cortef, cortisone acetate-cortone
Name 3 corticosteroids by their duration of action Second intermediate acting prednisone-deltasone, prednisolone-pediapred(liquid)
Name 3 corticosteroids by their duration of action third long acting betamethasone-betnesol, dexamethasone-decadron
3 corticosteroids by their duration of action: may be used parenterally, orally, as nasal spray. Nasal sprays and topical use have least AE.
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