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Chapter 2

Word Roots and Combining Forms

aer(o) air; gas
ather(o) plaque; fatty substance (inside of a blood vessel)
blast(o) immature cells
calc(o), calci(o) calcium
chondrio, chondro cartilage, grainy, gritty
chyl(o) chyle, a digestive fluid
chym(o) chyme, semifluid production of chyme in the stomach
cyst(o), cysti bladder, cyst, cystic duct
cyt(o) cell
ethm(o) ethmoid bone
gluc(o) glucose
glyc(o) sugars
hydr(o) hydrogen, water
ket(o), keton(o) ketone, acetone
lip(o) fat (outside of a blood vessel)
nucle(o) nucleus
plasma, plasmo formative; plasma
salping(o) tube
sider(o) iron
somat(o) body
squam(o) scale; squamous (meaning scaly)
syring(o) tube
A condition characterized by excessive fluid accumulation int he head is hydrocephaly
A () is a cartilage cell chondrocyte
Inflammation of the eustachian tube is () syringitis
Removal of the fallopian tube salpingectomy
Poison that acts upon a cell nucleus nucleotoxin
Tumor from a fatty deposit inside a vessel atheroma
An () is a gas-producing microorganism aerogen
Originating in the body is () somatogenic
Producing glucose is () glucogenic
Sugar deficiency Glycopenia
Calcium deficiency calcipenia
An embryonic fat cell (outside a vessel) is () Lipoblast
A growth consisting of immature neural cells is () glioblastoma
Separation of blood into parts plasmapheresis
The arrangement of cells in tissue is () cytoarchitecture
An abnormally low level of iron in the blood is () sideropenia
bladder-shaped Cystoid
Metabolic production of ketones is () ketogenesis
Production of chyle in the intestine chylopoiesis
Present during Digestion Chymopoiesis
Relating to the squamous part of the frontal bone is Squamofrontal
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