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kinn's Chapter 44

anomalies Deformities or deviations from a normal condition, resulting from faulty development of a fetus.
ataxia Failure or irregularity of muscle actions and coordination.
aura A peculiar sensation that precedes the appearance of a more definite disturbance.
benign Not cancerous and not recurring.
blood-brain barrier An anatomic-physiologic structure made up of astrocyte glial cells that prevents or slows the transfer of chemicals into the neurons of the CNS.
coma An unconscious state from which the patient cannot be aroused.
compression The state of being pressed together.
contralateral Pertaining to the opposite side of the body.
cryptogenic Pertaining to a disease with an unknown cause.
embolus A foreign material that blocks a blood vessel; frequently a blood clot that has traveled from some other part of the body.
ipsilateral Pertaining to the same side of the body.
malignant Cancerous.
myelin sheath A segmented, fatty tissue that wraps around the axon of the nerve cell and acts as an electrical insulator to speed the conduction of nerve impulses.
occlusion Complete obstruction of an opening.
papilledema Swelling of the optic disc from increased intracranial pressure.
paresthesia An abnormal sensation of burning, prickling, or stinging.
paroxysmal Pertaining to a sudden, recurrent spasm of symptoms.
plaque An abnormal accumulation of a fatty substance.
proprioception The sensation of awareness of body movements and posture; nerve impulses that provide the central nervous system with information about the position of body parts.
radiopaque A substance that can easily be visualized on an x-ray film.
thrombus A blood clot.
transection Cross-section; a division made by cutting across.
turbid Refers to a cloudy solution.
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