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Kinns Chapter 33

angina pectoris A spasmlike pain in the chest caused by myocardial anoxia.
bronchodilator A drug that relaxes contractions of the smooth muscle of the bronchioles to improve lung ventilation.
cirrhosis A chronic, degenerative disease of the liver that interferes with normal liver function.
colloidal Pertaining to a gluelike substance.
enteric-coated A term that refers to an oral medication that is coated to protect the drug against the stomach juices; this design is used to ensure that the medicine is absorbed in the small intestine.
generic A medication that is not protected by trademark.
hypercholesterolemia Elevated blood levels of cholesterol.
lumen An open space, such as within a blood vessel, the intestine, the inside of a needle, or an examining instrument.
metabolic alkalosis A condition characterized by significant loss of acid in the body or an increased amount of bicarbonate; severe form can lead to coma and death.
over-the-counter (OTC) drugs Medications sold without a prescription.
spermicide A chemical substance that kills sperms cells.
therapeutic range The blood concentration of a drug that produces the desired effect without toxicity.
tinnitus A noise sensation of ringing heard in one or both ears.
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