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World History

Capital city of Eastern Roman Empire after Emperor Constantine rebuilt the Greek city of Byzantium Constantinople
Justinian's accomplishments as emperor code of laws, conquered most of Roman Empire, Hagia Sophia
Most important legacy of Justinian Code of Laws / Justinian code
Justinian's wife who was involved in the gov't Theodora
Theodora's accomplishments diplomat,divorce rights and better benefits for women
What two branches did the Christian church break into as a result of the schism ? East - Eastern Orthodox West-Roman Catholic
Name for splitting of the Christian church in 1054 Great Schism(split)
what issues led to the Great schism & the development of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church? The use of icons, who had the highest power the Pope or Patriarch ,the rights to be able to divorce, rather or not the priest could marry,the language they spoke Romans spoke Latin and Orthodox spoke Greek and local lang. In Catholic power grew as that of
Those against the use of Icons on the church used what for their argument Ten commandments
Formal church ritual, such as baptism and communion sacraments
Byzantine heritage lived on through what group of people? Russians
Prince of Moscow that led the Russians to freedom from the Mongols Ivan the 3rd
Group of invaders that probably founded Novgorod and later settled in Kiev Vikings
First member of the Kievan nobility to convert to Christianity Olga
Kievan ruler under which all the citizens of Kiev converted to Byzantine Christianity Vladimir
Modern day city of Constantinople Istanbule
What effects did Mongol rule have on Russian society? Could not advance,paying tribute, (backwards or not thriving)
Leader of Mongols Genghis Khan
Name given to the Mongol army in Russia Golden Horde
Membership in a Mongol clan was determined by the members' claim of a common_. ancestor
What happened to the Mongol Empire immediately following the death of Genghis Khan. Split into different kingdoms (Khanate)
What Mongolian practice did Kublai Khan NOT follow? Stops being nomadic
What is the Mongol Empire known for? largest land empire
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