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HCT Chapter 9

Autosome Any chromosome except the X or Y
Benign Self-limiting, not malignant
Condition Change from normal function that cannot be cured
Congenital Referring to conditions that exist at birth regardless of cause
Disease Interruption of normal function of the body, usually caused by microorganisms; can be treated
Dominant Gene trait that appears when carried by only one in the pair of chromosomes
Electrolyte Substance that separates into ions in solution and is capable of conducting electricity
Genotype Genetic pattern of an individual
Heredity Genetic transmission of trait or particular quality from parent to offspring
Homeostasis Tendency of an organism to maintain the "status quo" or the same internal environment
Malignant Characterized by uncontrolled growth, invasive, tending to produce death
Mutation Permanent change in a gene or chromosome
Organism Individual living thing, plant, or animal
Phenotype Physical, biochemical, and physiological configuration of an individual determined by genes
Recessive Gene trait that does not appear unless carried by both members of a pair of chromosomes
Syndrome Set of symptoms that occur together
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