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RMA Post Test Prep


All of the following information would be included on a mounted ECG EXCEPT patient's telephone number
Which of the following information does not need to be conveyed immediately to EMS in an emergency situation? Victim's name
Which one of the following is not an objective of physical therapy? Repair urinary functions
How often should the autoclave be thoroughly cleaned? Once a week
When should instrument calibration be performed? After equipment maintenance, repair, or periods of inoperation
What is the number one defense against disease transmission? Handwashing
Which of the following is a subdivision of the microbiology department? Parasitology
Which of the following surgical procedures is used to remove abscesses? Incision and drainage
Any use of drugs that cause physical, psychological, legal, economic, or social harm to the user is termed abuse
An occult blood test is best associated with what body system? Gastrointestinal
A grooved instrument used to guide the direction and depth of a surgical incision is a(n) director
All of the following describe examination methods EXCEPT recitation
What are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and are mostly plant products? Carbohydrates
When measuring a cane for a patient, the cane handle should be level with the greater trochanter with an elbow flexion of _____ to _____ degrees. 25, 30
A surgical hand scrub should take approximately how many minutes? 5-10 minutes
All of the following are signs of decomposing urine EXCEPT pH becomes acidic
Nutritional elements containing the most calories per gram are fats
Which of the following is considered a dissecting instrument? Surgical scissor
Which of the following is the by-product of incomplete fat metabolism? Ketones
All of the following are steps for proper instrument care EXCEPT Keep ratcheted instruments in a closed position.
The Good Samaritan Act protects, to some degree, all of the following EXCEPT the Good Samaritan Act protects everyone to some degree
A drug’s generic name is best illustrated by which one of the following? Salicylic acid
What type of drug is used to inhibit the growth of malignant cells? Antineoplastic
The “S” of SOAP notes comprises data provided by the patient describing signs, symptoms, and feelings
Which one of the following describes an examination methods? palpation
Which of the following should be assessed first when rendering first aid? Pulse
What injection is given into the adipose tissue under the skin? Subcutaneous
Which one of the following is not a means of chemical disinfection? Ultraviolet radiation
Examination of the back may be performed when the patient is in all of the following positions EXCEPT Trendelenburg
The best source of vitamin D is cheese
Excessive hair where electrodes are applied can cause wandering baselines
Which of the following statements is most correct regarding the collection of a stool sample? The specimen must be collected in a clean plastic or cardboard container.
The seven dietary guidelines include All of these answers
Which of the following is typically not found in the medical chart? Patient ledger card
The amount of energy required to sustain normal processes is called basal metabolism
The first step when performing a capillary puncture is to identify the patient
Which type of specialty exam would require the use of a Jaeger card? Ophthalmological
The patient’s name, date of birth, marital status, education, occupation, etc., is known as the demographics
The abbreviation "prn" means as needed
When encountering an unconscious person, the medical assistant should first assess the victim’s responsiveness
What area of the body is used to perform a scratch allergy test? Back and arms
An instrument used to test hearing is a(n) tuning fork
Ventricular depolarization is represented by the QRS complex
Cardiac cells in a resting, negatively charged state are known as polarization
Vital signs are also known as cardinal signs
When centrifuging urine for microscopic analysis, the MA should use 10 to 12 ml
The blood collection tube containing EDTA has a ________ stopper. purple
The _____ test compares bone and air conduction by placing a tuning fork on the mastoid bone of the patient to test hearing acuity? Rinne
All of the following are characteristics of the pulse EXCEPT depth
In massage therapy, kneading soft tissues is called _____. compression
The _____ enforce CLIA regulations at the federal level. CMS and CDC
What item should be included in a secondary survey in an emergency situation? Assess vital signs
Which of the following materials does not require the use of universal precautions? Feces
All of the following are endoscopes EXCEPT the stethoscope
Convert 250 milligrams to grams. 0.25 g
Measuring a body part is called mensuration
The five phases of blood pressure sounds are collectively called Korotkoff sounds
Who must be notified if a Schedule II drug has been lost or stolen? DEA
_____ are the application of the concept that all blood, bloody fluids, secretions, excretions, and moist body substances are to be treated as if contaminated by medically important pathogens regardless of its actual pathogenicity. Standard precautions
Tylenol is an example of a(n) trade name
_____ is the process of cleaning or freeing materials, especially instruments, from dirt. Sanitization
All of the following are proper aseptic techniques EXCEPT lids are placed down on the table
Which of the following is a gynecological instrument? Tenaculum
Which of the following suture sizes is the largest? 0
The process of measuring range of motion of a joint is goniometry
A drug that is used to prevent disease is prophylactic
How long do unwrapped instruments and supplies usually require in the autoclave at 250°F to achieve sterilization? 20 minutes
The health care provider orders 600 mg Augmentin; however, 200 mg per 0.5 ml is the available strength. The medical assistant should administer 1.5 ml
What immunizations will be recorded on a child's immunization record at age 15 months? Dtap(4); IPV(3); HIB(4); MMR(1)
___________ sterilization may be used for be heat-sensitive material. Chemical
Urinary casts are reported as the ___________. Number per low power field
The unit of measure for the urine specific gravity is __________.
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