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Egypt Review

Geographically, where is Egypt located? northeastern africa
Biblical, where is Egypt located? ham
What two things kept out invaders from Egypt? deserts and cataracts
How long is the Nile River? 4,000 miles
What two things did the river provide water? personal use and irrigation
List three things the Nile provided other than water trade, transportation, source of food
What plant grew along side the Nile River? Papyrus
List four things papyrus was used for paper, rope, mats, baskets
What allowed boats to travel upstream? etesian winds
What are the two major areas in Egypt? upper and lower
What are unusual about these two areas? upper is in the south and lower is in the north
Which king conquered Lower Egypt and unified the country? Menes
What is a loom? a machine that makes fabric by weaving yarn or thread
During the Middle Kingdom what two countries did Egypt increase trade with? crete and mesopotamia
What two new military advancements did the Hyksos use? composite bow and the chariot
How long did the Hyksos rule in Egypt? 1440 B.C.
First female Pharaoh? hatshepsut
What was unusual about who hatshepsut married? she married her half brother
thutmose III appointed heir when he was young
What resulted from the war with the Hittites? Resulted in first written peace treaty
In what year did Egypt begin to decline militarily? 1100 B.C.
How long was Egypt ruled by foreign invaders? 3,000 years
What countries ruled Egypt during this period? europe countries
When did they regain their independence? 1922
Who is the chief priest of the entire nation of Egypt? pharaoh
What city became the capital in 2000 B.C.? Thebes
Who became the state god? Amen-Re
Who was the Egyptian god of the dead? Anibus
Who was the god of the underworld? Osiris
mummification: the process used by the Egyptians to preserve a body for the afterlife
Describe the extraction of the brain and eternal organs: the brain was extracted through the nose using a pick
Where are the three largest pyramids? giza
How many pyramids are still in existence? 80
theocracy: a form of government in which the ruler has both religious and political power
List the three facts about the Pharaohs was considered both man and god, had absolute political and religious authority, hereditary office
Vizier: chief advisor and assistant to the pharaoh, wore the signet ring of the pharaoh, addressed the people on his behalf, position held by Joseph while in Egypt
Governors: ruled the 40 provinces of Egypt, governors children were often held hostage by the pharaoh to insure their loyalty to him
What were civil servants? lesser nobles who held such positions as tax collectors, engineers, and other public service positions
Scribes: kept records of taxes and expenses, noted heroic deeds of pharaohs and ordinary events of everyday life
Created by: emilymfry