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HG-Misuse of Maps

Basics to Human Geography Chapter 1 - Geography and Misuse of Maps

Human Geography the study of human characteristics on the landscape
Human Characteristics population, agriculture, urbanization, and culture
Physical Geography examines the physical features of the Earth and tries to define how they work
Physical Geography study wind, water, weather patterns
Separation of the Two Fields you cannot seperate the two fields
Two Fields Inseperable because physical processes affect human activities and human activities affect some physical processes
Misuse of Maps can mislead a reader by intentionally deleting information
Deletion of Information the cartographer is making a statement about the importance of the item
Deletion of Information maps of the Soviet Union omitted info, such as military and government buildings, for political or stratigic reasons
Misleading with Color bolder colors usually indicate in a factor or toponym on the map
Misleading with Color lighter colors often represent weakness
Misleading with Color German maps during WWII, showed Germany in a bold red color while showing the allied powers in a light yellow. They then distributed the maps to the German people to promote the Allies as weak.
Toponym place name
Size on a Map usually indicates strength
Size on a Map the bigger the item appears, the greater its perceived strength and importance
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