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Ch. 1-Lesson 1 & 2

A map that shows cities, states, or countries using different types of colors in that area, what is it called? political map
A map that shows bodies of water, landforms, or specific areas on a map, what is it called? physical map
What is a pointer that show the north, south, west, or east directions on a map? compass rose
Sometimes known as a "Legend", this explains a map's symbols, what is it called? key
This part of a map shows the estimated distances from one area to another, what is it called? scale
What is point of time called that is known as a period of time before people developed systems of writing and written language? prehistory
What is the study of past cultures through the things that remain or are left behind? archaeology
What are the objects that are found by archaeology that give them an idea of what people made long before? artifact
What was a period in time in which large sheets of ice covered the Earth about 10,000 years ago? Ice Age
What are large sheets of ice that dragged and spread over the Earth during the Ice Age? glaciers
This time was when the Earth was breaking apart and the Bering Strait stretched from Asia to North America making a land bridge for early people to cross? Beringia
What was the time about 3.5 millions years to 10,000 years ago that humans relied mostly on stones to create tools and weapons? Stone Age
What is known as the way in which humans produce the items they use? technology
This period in time is from 10,000 to 5,000 years later after the Old Stone Age in which technology increased from early human development? New Stone Age
What is known as to tame animals for human use? domesticate
What is know as an area which an archaeologist digs up artifacts, such as plant remains, tools, weapons, or findings? excavation site
What is a group that does a certain type of work? social division
What is extra food that grown from planting and harvesting a field from the early humans? surplus
What are lines that go from left to right or right to left in a map? latitude lines or parallel lines
What are lines that go up and down or down and up in a map? longitude lines or meridians lines
What you call when both latitude and longitude lines touch to create a location on a map? coodinate
What latitude line separates both the Northern and Southern hemispheres? equator
What longitude line separates both the Western and Eastern hemispheres? prime meridian
How zones are found on the Earth? 3
What the names of the 3 zones that are found on the Earth? tropical zones, temperates zones, frigid zones
What is the name latitude line that is located at 23.5 degrees North Latitude on a map? Tropic of Cancer
What is the name of the latitude line that is located at 23.5 degrees South Latitude on a map? Tropic of Capricorn
Created by: vacosta