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Chap 3

Medical Terminology. The Integumentary System.

-opsy To view
Bi ROOT Life
-oma Tumor, Mass
Carcin ROOT Cancer
-ery Process of
Cry/o Icy cold
Surg ROOT operate
-ous pertaining to
Cutan/e Skin
-logy Study of
Dermat/o Skin
-logist One who studies
-ic pertaining to
Eti/o Cause
Ex- Out of, away from
Crete ROOT Seperate
-ion Action
-ary pertaining to
Integument ROOT Covering of the body
Pro- Projecting forward
Gnosis ROOT Knowledge
Secret ROOT Produce
Syn- Together
Thesis ROOT To organize, arrange
Thet ROOT Arrange, organize
Vas/o Blood vessel
Constrict ROOT Narrow
Dilat ROOT Widen, open up
-ose Full of
Adip ROOT Fat
An- Without
Alges ROOT Sensation of pain
-ia condition
-al pertaining to
Derm ROOT Skin
Epi- Above, upon
Dermis ROOT Skin
Hypo- Below
Intra- Within
-ar pertaining to
Muscul ROOT Muscle
-in Substance
Kerat ROOT Hard protein
Melan ROOT Black pigment
Sebac/e Wax
Sub- Below
Trans- Across, through
Ultra- Beyond
Violet ROOT Violet, bluish purple
-gen Produce
All ROOT strange, other
Erg ROOT Work, activity
-itis Inflammation
Dermat ROOT Skin
-tous pertaining to
Eczem/a Eczema
-ate pertaining to
Cori ROOT Skin
-ation Process
Prurit ROOT Itch
Anti- Against
-rrhea Flow
Seb/o Sebum
Con- With
Genit Bring forth
De- From
Cubitus ROOT Lying down
Ulcer ROOT Sore
-ant Forming, pertaining to
Malign ROOT Harmful, bad
-ancy State of
Meta- Beyond, Subsequent to
Stasis ROOT Stagnate, stay in one place
-ize Affect in a specific way
Stat ROOT Stationary
Papill/o Papilla, pimple
-iasis State of, condition
Candid ROOT Candida
Cellul ROOT Cell
Infect ROOT Internal invasion, infection
-ious pertaining to
Infest ROOT Invade
Muc/o Mucous membrane
-ing Quality of
-tiz Pertaining to
Necr/o Death
Fasc/i Fascia
Parasit ROOT Parasite
Tox ROOT Poison
-ity State, Condition
-osis Condition
Pedicul ROOT Louse
Auto- Self
Immune ROOT Protected from
Dermat/o Skin
Myos ROOT Muscle
-derma Skin
Scler/o Hard
-atic Pertaining to
Symptom ROOT Symptoms
System ROOT The body as a whole
-osus Condition
Erythemat ROOT Redness
Andr/o Male
Onych/o Nail
Myc ROOT Fungus
Para- Alongside
-ory Having the function of
in- In
Flammat ROOT Flame
Fung ROOT Fungus
Chem/o Chemical
Therapy ROOT Medical Treatment
-scope Instrument for viewing
Derma ROOT Skin
Excis ROOT Cut out
Allo- Other
Graft ROOT Transplant
Auto- Self
-ment Resulting state
De- Take away
Bride ROOT Rubbish
Hetero- Different
Homo- Same
-ate Composed of
Re- Again
Gener ROOT Produce
Xeno- Foreign
-plasty Surgical repair
Abdomin/o Abdomen
Blephar/o Eyelid
Abras ROOT Scrape off
Granul ROOT Small grain
Incis ROOT Cut into
Excis ROOT Cut out
Lacer ROOT To tear
-ectomy Surgical Excision
Lip ROOT Lipid, fat
Lip/o Fat
Suct ROOT Suck
Mamm/o Breast
Rhin/o Nose
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