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Basics to Human Geography Chapter 1 - Diffusion

Diffusion the movement of any characteristicthe process by which a characteristic is spread
Studying Movement tracking a charcateristic
Relationship Between Diffusion and the Spatial Interaction Theme the more easily accessible something is, the more quickly it can be moved from one culture to another
Hearth place where the characteristic began
Hearth the game of basketball began in Springfield, Massachusetts. From this point basketball diffused to become a worlwide phenomenon
Relocation Diffusion the physical spread of cultures, ideas, and diseases through PEOPLE
Relocation Diffusion Hmong refugees came to the US from Laos and brought with them their religion, language, and customs
Migration Diffusion the physical spread of these people,or their movement from one place to another
Expansion Diffusion the spread of a characteristic from a central node or a hearth through various means
Three Types of Expansion Diffusion hierarchical, contagious, stimulus
Hierarchical Diffusion the idea that a phenomenon spreads as a result of a group, usually the social elite,but not always, spreading ideas or patterns in a society
Hierarchical Diffusion movie stars setting trends
Hierarchical rap culture, language, music, and style which came from the urban streets to suburban homes
Contagious Diffusion is rapid and and spreads without regard to race, social status, or family status
Contagious Diffusion disease
Contagious Diffusion internet has led to many ideas spreading through rapid contact
Stimulus Diffusion takes a part of an idea and spreads that idea to create an innovative product
Stimulus Diffusion Computer operating systems. Apple and IBM. IBM used Apple's idea of icon clicking to create a new innovative product
Effect of Technology has increased the spread of diffusion. Computers, airplanes, and other transportation allow the rapid transformation and distribution of a diffused feature
Created by: torresj
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