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colonial world

James Oglethorpe he was important because he was the leader of the trustees. he was the one that helped the debt owners find jobs and let them out of jail.
charter of 1732 they did not allow :no lawyers, no liker dealers, no blacks, no catholic
reasons for settlement in Georiga the reason for settlement in Georiga because: charity, economics, and defense
Tomochichi he was the leader and head chief of yamacraw town
Mary musgrove she was important because she helped translate between the yam craw and the British
savannah yamacraw bluff on february 12,1733
salzburgers a settlement outside of Savannah
highland scots they are important because they did not like slavery and wanted it to stop. dareni- defense
fort king George john barnwell called on britain to build a series of forts. then in 1721 fort king georgewas built.
malcontents malcontents were mad because they could not have slavery.
battle of bloody marsh the people were Spanish and Georgia . It was important because Spain attacked Georgia and British won.
New world the new world was discovered because there was gold which they were looking for, there was natural resources, and fur trade.
Created by: Jessie.conte