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Age of Exploration

This study stack covers European exploration of the Americas and Asia

compass instrument using a magnetic needle that always points north
caravel Portuguese sailing ship that was quick and easy to handle.
Bartolomeu Dias Sailed around the southern tip of Africa
astrolabe navigation tool which measures the angle of the stars and helps find latitude
Henry the Navigator started a school to train Portuguese sailors and navigators
papal line of demarcation imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole that divided non-Christian lands between Spain and Portugal
mutiny an overthrow of officers by the crew at sea
Christopher Columbus first Europoean to explore around the Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispaniola (the West Indies in the Caribbean)
Vasco de Gama Portuguese explorer that traveled around Africa to India.
Cape of Good Hope southern tip of Africa
conquistadores Spanish conquerors who set out to find gold and explore new lands
Ferdinand Magellan his expedition was the first to travel around the world
sea dogs nickname for English sea captains
Northwest Passage a route to the Far East that would avoid southern sea lanes controlled by the Portuguese and Spanish
John Cabot Italian navigator who explored Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Hernando de Soto First European to explore the Mississippi River area
Hernando Cortes Invaded Mexico and destroyed the Aztec Empire
Treaty of Tordesillas Based on the papal line of demarcation. Gave non-Christian lands to the east to Portugal, and lands to the west to Spain. 
Ponce de Leon Explored La Florida
Francisco Pizarro Invaded Peru and took treasures of gold and silver from the Incas.
Henry Hudson English navigator who explored New York for the Dutch.
Francisco Coronado first European to explore the Grand Canyon
Montezuma leader of the Aztec Empire
Giovanni da Verrazano Italian navigator who sailed along the Atlantic Coast of present-day United States for the French
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