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Ancient India

what/where is the northern plain of India? Lies just south of Himalaya Mountains Watered by the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers
what/where is the Deccan Plateau? Raised area of level land Region is a hilly and arid, unproductive and sparsely populated
What/where are the Costal Plains? East and west of Deccan Historically this area is the most densely populated regions in India Rivers and heavy seasonal rains (monsoons) provide water for farmers Seas provide fish and highways for trade
What is a Defining feature of Indian life, and are seasonal winds? Monsoons
What derives its name from the Indus River? India
What were the first civilizations in India? Harappan and the Indus
Who Apparently a well organized government? Harappan and Indus civilizations
The Harappan rulers based their power on what? belief in divine assistance
Harappan economy depended on what? agriculture
When did the Aryans, who are a nomadic Indo-European group, migrate into the Hindu Kush mountain range and Indus Valley Around 1500 B.C.
The Aryans were Warlike and herdsmen What where the Aryans like?
What were the five main casts in the Caste System? Brahmans-priestly class Kshatriyas-warriors Vaisyas-Landowners and merchants (commoners) Sudras-Servants who were captured by the Aryans Below these castes were millions of despised persons-the untouchables
What are Hindu teachings or sacred texts recorded in? the Vedas
The Hindu teachings say what about after death? Soul purification requires many lifetimes so each person’s soul experiences rebirths (reincarnation)
Who was Buddhism founded by? Siddhartha Gautama
What was India's first empire? The Maurya
Who conquered northern India and founded the Maurya Empire? Chandragupta
Who was Chandragupta's grandson, continued the conquests of India, but later became a Buddhist? Asoka
What happened after Asoka died? The Maurya empire fell apart and war, disorder followed, for 5 centuries.
What Empire came around 500 years after the Mauryas? The Gupta Empire
Who was given much of the power during The Gupta Empire? Individual villages and city governments
What were the achievements of the Gupta Empire in mathematics? Developed the concept of zero Employed the decimal system Created our modern written numbers (misleadingly called Arabic Numbers)
What were the achievements of the Gupta Empire in the medical field? Physicians diagnosed major diseases, prescribed medicinal plants, and placed sick in hospitals. Observed a code similar to the Greek Hippocratic Oath.
Who would the head of the house be in India's family life? The father or oldest male (patriarchal)
Created by: holifield