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Discovery wk 28

Jakob Amman, the founder of the Amish, broke away from other churchmen over the issue of ___, or shunning. Meidung
The Old Order Amish still use hooks and eyes instead of ___ to keep their clothing plain. buttons
The most obvious distinction of the Amish is their stand against the use of modern inventions such as electricity, automobiles, and the ___. telephone
Though he was the czar of Russia, Peter I loved to work in the ___ of Holland. shipyards
It was Peter I who commissioned _____ to explore the strait between Russia and North America. Vitus Bering
The port city of ____ was built by Peter I out of a marshy delta to replace the city of Moscow. St. Petersburg
It was Isaac Watts's father who challenged him to write more beautiful ___ for the church. music
Not only did Isaac Watts write hymns, he also wrote books on ___ and books for children. logic
It was Isaac Watts who wrote the famous Christmas hymn "Joy to the ___" in celebration of his faith. World
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