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Discovery wk 24

True or False: George Fox spent years in formal training for the priesthood before he founded the "Society of Friends" in England. False
True or False: George Fox and his followers were nicknamed the "Quakers" by a judge in England. True
The Society of Friends completely died out in the late 1700s due to persecution and the plague. False
To help his father collect taxes, Blaise Pascal invented the first calculator, called the Pascaline. True
After a near-death experience with a horse-drawn carriage, Blaise Pascal gave his life to Christ and recorded his conversion on paper. True
Blaise Pascal lived and wrote well into his eighties on the topics of mathematics, science, and philosophy. False
Louis XIV easily took the throne of France at age 13 because France at that time was one of the smallest countries in Europe. False
One of Louis XIV's achievements was the building of the Palace of Versailles, which took 47 years to build and 30,000 laborers. True
When Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1658, he set the Huguenots of France free. False
Created by: kimaslone