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Discovery wk 23

Unity of the Brethren church members were descendants of John ___, an early reformer before Martin Luther. Huss
Fleeing Moravia, John Amos Comenius prayed for a "____ seed" of faith to grow in his homeland. hidden
With ideas for improving education, John Comenius has been remembered as the "Father of ____ Education." Modern
During the ____ Parliament, the Roundheads of England took control of Parliament for 20 years hwile the English Civil Wars raged on. Long
During the ____ Parliament, Charles I was sentenced to death for crimes against his own country. Rump
Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan, became the ___ Protectorate of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Lord
Irish scientist Robert Boyle has been called the First Modern ____ because of his use of the scientific method to back up his findings. Chemist
Along with many other discoveries, Robert Boyle recognized that air, water, fire, and earth could be broken down into small parts called ____. atoms.
Robert Boyle also came to understand pH levels to measure ____ and ____. alkalis, acids
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