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Discovery wk 21

The famous phrase, "I think, therefore I ___," has helped Rene Descartes be remembered as a great philosopher. am
By studying a ___ on the ceiling, Rene Descartes was inspired to create the Cartesian coordinate system. fly
In the theory of dualism, Rene Descartes saw the separation between ____ and mind. body
Under the leadership of John ___, hundreds of Puritans settled Salem, Massachusetts, about 50 miles north of Plymouth. Winthrop
The hardworking Puritans made Salem prosperous, and they soon spread to what is now the city of ____. Boston
The first ___ printed in North America by the Puritans was for the Algonquian-speaking Native Americans. Bible
Galileo Galilei was born the same day that ____ died. Michaelangelo
According to legend, Galileo dropped weights from the _______ to test his law of falling bodies. Tower of Pisa.
Galileo was first to see that the Milky Way is a ____ of stars and not just a blur in the sky. galaxy
Created by: kimaslone